Black Rose Strain Review

10 months ago


It has been a nice long while for me writing a ***GOOD*** strain review, I am going to try my best to get a good one out every couple days. I have not been getting my cannabis online last while I have been going local to a dispensary on the reservation. My city was not one of the lucky 25 to get a "legal" cannabis store, I am not too worried as they are overpriced and under quality.

Black Rose

Black Roses? That is a thing for death and let me tell you after smoking this strain I am sure you will sit around like you are dead! When I walked in to the dispensary I always take a look and see what new kinds of strains they have, The day I went in to pick up I was looking for a couple of strains but mostly a heavy indica strain that would take a load of stress of and this insane purple almost black flower jumped out at me. I myself had never heard of this strain before but I just knew by the looks it was a must try.

I always like to try and find what the parent strains are when I do research of the strain I am smoking. The black roses parent strains that I was able to find are Grand Reserve Headband and Early Girl. I think I have heard about GRH but never smoked it but Early girl I know I have never heard of.

The Review



This one came to a shock to me with how purple and sticky the flower was but The smell was just not there, It had a very faint flower smell to it and I figured it would have been pungent for the smell.




This one comes in with a 10 on the looks, A lot of that has to do with it was perfectly cured with massive amounts of trichomes and then, of course, the crazy purple /black and yet the sugar leaves are still green.




The taste on this was a very sweet and strong citrus flavour to it, I really enjoyed the citrus and I was shocked it wasn't more of an earthy taste.




If you are looking to get that super stoned and just want to chill this is that strain. From the first toke in the bong to the second you sit down you are baked. Once you are sitting good luck wanting to get up off the couch.


In the end, I would have to say this was that heavy indica strain I was looking for to get a load of stress off and just chill.

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Early girl came from across the pond, Sensi Seeds I believe. Excellant review my friend. Gorgeously pictured, and a cornucopia of info. Thanks for taking the time to do a review+


Thanks, Sensi is a great breeder with some awesome strains. Thanks for the strain lesson

The name "Black Rose" says it all. Looks amazing, I'll have to try that one for sure.


Well worth the tey if you like heavy hitters

Best feeling ever. Finding a bud that hits Better than it looks.


Yeah, it really is great. Not many chance to hit cannabis like this.

With varieties like Black rose, I'm always careful... The most important thing is not to be greedy.


O hit it hard and enjoy the high :)

So nice, they look like blackberries with that deep purple :)


They really do,

That black rose looks awesome, another one for my list of strains to grow


Yeah this would be a great on to grow. Wonder if you can get it that purple

So it is the heavy shit i guess, i am confused if i have that caliber to puff it up :D


It is a heavy indica,

Well first of, I'm happy you found your strain to chill to and take the stress away. Keeping a cool head is important. And now, that strain does look pretty dope. The dark purple-green combo is truly mesmerizing. I love it.