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Flower / Concentrate: Flower
Strain parents: Diamond OG & Blackberry
Strain Type: Indica Dom
Seed Type:

When you think of black diamond you are thinking that’s a weird name for a cannabis strain right? I know I do but with thousands of names, you can almost think of anything.

With the black diamond strain, it is one of my top Indica strains. The potent aroma that comes off this strain is like no other. You will find your self smelling the bag over and over. This aroma comes from almost all black diamond I have had. Therefore When you think about the parent strains from black diamond the first one would be a kush. With the aroma from black diamond clear it comes from its parent strain Diamond OG. With Diamond OG it is a pheno of the great classic OG Kush. Now We all know and love the OG Kush that goes around, it is one if not the top Indica strains.

The second parent strain happens to be another classic Indica strain with blackberry. When it comes to blackberry I have only had a really good batch one time. With BlackBerry, you can always expect that nice purple hue.


For Flower reviews, I like to use Smell, Looks, Taste, Buzz.


As I mentioned above the smell from a good legit black diamond strain it will have a big kushy smell. This batch was not any different. From the first smell of the bag, you could tell this was a true black diamond. When the bowl or joint was lit the smell was not as potent.


With the purple hue that black diamond should have this one was top notch. The purple and black hue this strain had with a base of green it was a spectacular look. When you open the flower up it just sparkles in trichomes.


The taste of black diamond is normally a nice kushy berry taste. That was not quite the case with this one. This black diamond had a really nice grape taste with a slightly earthy undertone.


The great thing about these heavy Indica strains is they will almost rock anyone. The buzz of this black diamond was a major head buzz. From the first toke, you could feel your eyes get heavy and relaxed.

In conclusion, this was one of the better black diamond strains I had for the chance to try. When you get this heavy of an Indica it is best to start slow if you’re a new smoker.

This strain goes along nicely with the other purple strains that I have reviewed, Purple Kush, Black Rose, Lavender . Purple coloured strains are some of my favourite kinds of strains. The purple strain is a good sign that it is a Indica strain in my experience.

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Looks very good and I love this one! It doesn't look quite as frosty as the ones I have had though


It is quite frosty. Thats all in the grower as well

Great review. I love indica strains 😊


I also love all kinda of indica strains