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6 months ago

This is the real thanks

Yesturday I made a small shout out post to show you guys that the auction @closetcanada arived, Today I am gona show of the contents a little better.

The main content

The auction that @closetcanada had was an awesome chance but it was a flop( not on his part at all ) Just not enough people that bid on it. I am not sure why if maybe just bad timing with the holidays or what that might have been. Now I can tell anyone in Canada that would have bid missed out big time. The seed alone are worth much more than $10 that I paid.

Here are the 2 packs of seeds, I am thinking I may start one soon and see what It turns out like.


The Speacial prize

This is the whole part I was not expecting at all, When I opened that Xbox one case and saw that little bag I knew it was shatter( was hoping it was his own ) But it was a sweet gram of alien OG by diamond extracts. I had heard of diamond before but never had the likes of trying them, so thanks for that.

Extra little goodies

With them 3 awesome items well over the value I gave him for the seeds, He also included some his own per20190114-164403sonal stickers and cards, He also Included a couple packs of papers. I have not heard of them before.




The review

Now when I first opened this up and saw the shatter pack I thought well that it was shatter. This was not the cause it was more like a crumble(wax).
This is not a bad thing I like that better it is way easier to do dabs with then shatter.



Right, when I opened the bag It the lemon was potent as hell and I knew it was going to be good. Normally the smell is not strong but this one was



I have to say this might be one the most potent concentrates I have had in a long time. It is a full indica to me I have been smoking on it all day I am I nice a chill body buzz



The taste on this one was just like it smelt, It was a very citrus lemon taste, This makes me worry that it may be added treps to be that strong. It was still great and I never found that anything that they are adding terps.

In the end, I just wanna say thank you @closetcanada for putting on this auction and then send the sweet extra gift.




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🙏 will have to check the wax next time, make sure it’s still solid!👍🇨🇦


It is great. I like the way it smokes for sure. Maybe it is meant to be this way but normally when I get wax it is in a jar.
But thanks again for this

What a haul! I didn't participate because of my location but now reading through the OG post comments...damn I should have.


Yeah it was a good idea for anyone to, I mean he may not have sent shatter but the 6 seeds are worth far more then that should have went for 40 atleast.


You are absolutely right. Three seeds ran be about $30 and then the 3 freebies helped bring that cost down.

Surprise, surprise; what a lovely gesture.
Respect to @closetcanada for the efforts and motivation. Now, I wanna move over the ocean.


We will welcome you to Canada.😀

That's dope! A shatter delivery!

Nicely done. You guys rock.

Smoke call of duty! :)


hahja lol

Wow. That looks interesting and tasty. I honestly never had dabs.


Really that sucks, one day you will get to I am sure😀

Who's the lucky boy, great score mate I bet you are very happy. Thanks for the review, bong on bro. :-)


Yeah, I was never thinking he would send a 40$ gram with it 😀