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I thought I'd try buying off this site and write a review for you.

You can find this much with a quick google search, apparently their address is not that hard to find:

I have no idea how they are pulling off what they are pulling off, but I found this thread which asks the question that I've been wanting to ask:

Buying Weed online in South Africa

There are a few places that you can use to buy weed online in South Africa and medicalmj is one of them. Nobody has any idea how they got the paper work to be legally doing what they are doing (if they even have that), but they seem to be operating pretty openly.

Here is there website:

Other places to buy onine in South Africa:

  • Trichoma (Most popular one in my opinion)

  • Deep web

  • Medicalmj

Medicalmj Review:

I'll run you over the whole thing quick:

We ordered, paid and got out order. We ordered 9grams of Blueberry (which on the pictures looked like Sensimilla). The price was cheap, but we were blackmarket guys back in the day (and trying to not be blackmarket guys anymore if God permits). We paid R60 per gram the promotion was for R180 for 3grams of Sensimilla. Over here Sensimilla goes for R80-R120 wholesale price. The deal was a good deal, but delivery was R125. I hate it when people try make a bit of money on delivery, even if it is R26. You can courier anything that size for R99 with Aramex very easily in South Africa, I've even gotten cheaper quotes before.

Here is what we ordered:

I was very excited when I ordered, a friend of mine ordered some Painkiller (the strain from Royal Queen Seeds) from Medicalmj before and was kinda happy with what he got.

Here is my partner in crime with our order: (You can probably see on the pic it is still sealed)

So We got our order:

What happened next?

On the pic I posted of my friend, he sent me the pic when he got the order and I was super excited.
We got Blueberry for cheaper than any of our blackmarket contacts so we were gonna smoke it up over the weekend on the cheap. But quickly disappointment was also knocking on our door.

The "Blueberry" they were advertising looked like this: (Maybe was stupid to think it would look like this)

What we actually got was this crap(My friend's cellphone camera needs a clean):

They were nice enough to give us a freebie, or was it really a freebie? I'll get to that in a second.

Happy with my order?

So we weighed everything that we got including the capsules, remember we used to be blackmarket guys, so we weigh what we buy. This is the standard dealer "honesty check". If people screw me over I usually try talk to them and if that doesn't work then I cut them off. I am a resourceful person and if you think you are screwing me over then you are actually screwing over yourself.

My partner in crime weighed the bud and capsules and together it came to 8.5 grams. Which means the terrible bud that they sent us didn't even amount to the 9grams that they claimed.

I tried to email the guys and talk to them. They stopped replying to my emails after a while. I'm not going to say that you shouldn't buy from them, but I like doing business with honest people.


Trichoma is probably your best bet if you don't grow or if you don't have any blackmarket contacts. Medicalmj has got some explaining to do.

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