The Traditional Receipt of Cannabis Meat Soup (Acehnese Secret Culinary Story)

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This post dedicated to my earlier prisoned friend by his act in distributing the cannabis whereas in the forbidden land he failed.

It is indeed that cannabis has a huge benefit toward our life (While we seeing deep down based its positive sides). Cannabis as the mighty green leaf that already popular for thousand years ago, while it is used by mankind's ancestor as many kinds of use-cases, such as following below:

  • Medical Use Case;
  • Culinary Use Case;
  • Sexual Oil Use Case;
  • Smoking Use Case;
  • Drink Receipt as Cannabis Tea;
  • And a lot more use cases.


Cannabis brownies, bakery

So, when we talked about the use cases of cannabis. It just a familiar thing for some people who love and enthusiasts. But, the interesting within the use cases of cannabis in this modern age was in culinary aspects, yes it is! There are various ways of culinary use cases (Types) in using cannabis as the ingredient (receipt) to make their foods more delicious by the effect of cannabis stone. This is really awesome when you try to look at how the menu will be cooked or baked by using cannabis. The most interesting is when you found that there was a traditional menu related to cannabis culinary, especially in our land. This receipt still used but in low profile use case, as its stated a forbidden thing by the government regulation.

Therefore, based on the inspiration I try to make this post entitled by The Traditional Receipt of Cannabis Meat Soup (Acehnese Secret Culinary Story), as I want to share a little discussion here about our culture in cannabis culinary aspect whereas already practiced by our ancestor for a long time ago. Besides, there also who use it by smoking/vaping and etc.

This is a really interesting topic, while we can see through the cannabis that can be used as a lot of benefit toward our socials life. When we talked about culinary aspects that mean we talked about everybody favorite ideas, but what if while we talked about it in case of its relation to the culinary itself! I don't know, everyone has its own perceptions.

So, the simple discussion that I want to share here is about our traditional receipt in using cannabis ingredient to the menu to make its flavor more delicious and tasty. Besides, in the modern use cases (Receipt), there just a lot of ways in making cannabis menu into culinary aspects, such as the baked bread using cannabis leaf or etc.

Aceh & Cannabis Story


  • The discovery of marijuana/cannabis cultivation/garden in Aceh by Police.*

Actually, the traditional ways that I want to share here are from our land, the land that probably well known/popular among cannabis enthusiast as it known as Aceh. The place that produced the well-dedicated marijuana through its prosperous land, as also for other popular coffee types known by Gayo Coffee. Those things come from our land, Aceh although the government stated the regulation to forbid/illegal the distribution of cannabis, Acehnese people have their own ways in cultivation and distribution.

The Acehnese Cannabis already popular among international smokers/distribution, especially in culinary aspect, as the statement published by coconuts website told about Acehnese cannabis as following below:

But we wouldn’t be surprised if the Mie Aceh (Aceh’s delicious regional noodle dish) vendors near Banda Aceh City Hall did a lot of business yesterday afternoon… Fighting the scourge of drugs do work up a mighty appetite, after all.

Based on its story from mouth to mouth and news published, Acehnese Cannabis have its own place within its enthusiast/lovers. Aceh was the province from Indonesian country, as it the statement declared that Aceh have their own government or rules through Islamic Law/Syariah. The only place in Indonesia whom applied the Syariah Law to its people and must learned to do so as tespect for the tourist/foreigner. Just like its called by Seuramoe Mekkah in English The Mecca Front Land this called to described about how Acehnese people honored their religions.

But, who knows! The cannabis also have its own long stories whereas already performed and cultivated by the ancestor through time to time. I have no idea about when the first time cannabis entered the Aceh land, but the thing that really important is the cannabis already cultivated here for along time ago as its popular called and well-known by the neighbour country or other provinces in Indonesia.

Acehnese Secret Culinary (Cannabis Ingredient Inside)

ikan keumamah.jpg

Some ingredient receipt that used by Acehnese people.

First thing that passed on my mind is about The taste of cannabis soap which I tasted a year ago. Yup, the taste that made me little bit go on high caused my passed away uncle made it in more doses cannabis (stone) into the soup.

Till then, I felt dizzy kind like a headache and tried to lay down for a while 😅, that was so funny moment. But the meat soup taste really amazing, its totally delicious by the meat bite was softly. But still, this receipt only performed by certain people who have learned the receipt secret from their grand grand families.

Typical of Aceh Cullinary (Receipt & Taste)

images (96).jpeg

The traditional/icon culinary menu of Aceh people

Okay, lets pointed out our discussion into the types of food whereas used cannabis ingredient (traditional receipt/stone) in various ways. There's still as secret cases, while if you want to search where the place or culinary site which is using cannabis ingredient as receipt. I don't know, caused he cannabis still very taboo to talked in my place, althought its popular tastes and name growth internationally.

For a public popular use case, the well known cannabis culinary receipt in Aceh was consisted in two menu, such as following below:

  • Cannabis Meat soup (Acehnese Named: Kuah Beulangong)
  • Cannabis Noodle (Acehense Named: Mie Ganja)
  • Cannabis Bread (Acehnese Named: Dodoi, etc but this cake wasn't popular as both of mentioned above.)

All those menu remained as secret receipt in Aceh, you have no idea where to find it places if you want to taste, but if you try to adapt with the acehnese people by having a closed discussion about cannabis, probably you will find something.

The Acehnese Traditional Receipt of Cannabis Meat Soup

images (79).jpeg

The meat soup boiled in large pan know by Kuah Beulangong in Aceh language, but this picture doesn't mean as the cannabis meat soup, because you knew, its hard to find nowadays, especially in Aceh/Indonesia.

Cannabis meat soup in Aceh was the popular menu among Aceh people, although its oriented remained totally secret. The taste within he soup was extraordinary while the most effect by the cannabis stone flowed toward the meat, where cannabis made the meat boiled and cooked more softly and tasty through its stone.

images (77).jpeg

The meat soup ready to taste

The taste was so delicious as it consisted by several meats within such as Buffalo, Cow, and Goat & etc you will feel something different when you taste the soup caused it just totally different with others as the soup made to make the meat more softly.

The Acehnese Special Noodle of Cannabis Secret Receipt


The Acehnese noodle mixed with meat and other seafood

Meanwhile, Cannabis noodle!!!

The cookings ways still similar with the soup, where the chef put the cannabis stone when the soup/water boiled then the meat flowed within.


Acehnese popular noodle, consisted with specials ingredient and style to cook.

Cannabis noodle also can be mixed with the meat as it the menu features. The cannabis stone wihin noodle will added more tasty, especially to the flavor itself. Meanwhile, the picture above only to described how it look likes.

Don't you feel curious, how we cooked it!

Another special menu was known by Cannabis Sauce or in Acehnese called by Sambai Ganja. As the following pictures below described about how the look likes of sambal ganja in Aceh. I have no idea how to cook it, but you can visit the link below picture as the receipt flowed within the sites.

-source-how to cook it

The secret cannabis sauce of Aceh receipt


When we talked about culinary, its mean we talked about our favorites ideas for some people who love to. So, using cannabis as the ingredient through cooking receipt was amazingly for those who love the cannabis in different ways. The ingredient that taken from cannabis can be from its own leaf or stone. While the chef put it on different cooking ways.

Based on my knowledge of looking at my uncle cooking the meat soup, he tried to use the cannabis stone while he want boiled the meat. This step was very important as he told me to make the meat softly and tasty. While in cannabis noodle aspect, he also used cannabis stone in the same ways, this done to make the flavor find its true tastes and delicious.


Acehnese marijuana land was found by local government police

So, smokers!!!

It is true that cannabis has a huge benefit toward our social life, as we also knew within the medical use case, and so on! But the point is there're some people or smoke itself who made this thing becoming in negative sight-seeimg as they didn't learn much about it. My last word regarded this post, please do learn much before taking any turn in completing/doing things related to the post I made.

Image References

Happy Smoke!



Please!!! Be a smart one in clarifying or doing something, especially things related to this article. I just shared the information as it hope to be as the positive contributions into public uses. Otherwise, the responsibility which may occur in the future totally depends on reader site, the writer only shared the information. You decide by learning and keep digging. and also Smokers! Please also tell me if I made the mistake within the post, as it the positive assists that I would fix or added later, thanks!

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Holy noodles! Sambal ganja, why have we never tried that? In the Netherlands we used to put sambal on pretty much everything! :|

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😅 you should meet acehnese people in your country; ask them to made one. Especially, holy cannabis noodle...

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