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Kristen Angelo as The Top Publications of Cannabis Photographer

At first I didn’t think I was very interested in cannabis, but then it became therapeutic. It made me really proud of my family and my dad. I was watching this entire social and political moment evolve in my lifetime. I remember visiting my dad in prison and asking him if he ever thought pot would be legal, and he said, “I don’t think I’ll see it in my lifetime.” Now it’s actually happening, and that’s exciting to me.
Kristen Angelo (Cannabis Photographer)

The journey to cannabis photographing for top publications and legal businesses.


Kristen Angelo is one of Top Cannabis Photographer among other top Cannabis Photographers for legal cannabis industries publications. Actually, she started the journey to become as the well professional photographer within cannabis legal industries by unintended wishes as the first time she thought that she didn't think she was very interest in Cannabis.

Till then, when her boyfriend get a contract with the cannabis legal industry based in Washington, she started to follow and keep her camera closed by taking any mean of photography to cannabis along the road she passed.

Since, the journey found its passion. She tried to promoted her portfolio through Instagram at first time, and also build a well portfolio information within a website. Till then, many contracts came by and she started to shoot.


Being as the photographer is like writing your art of visual through the pictures, that is what I can take it from Kristen Angelo journey to became as the top publications of cannabis photography in legal industry (Cannabi. Yup! This is the choices while they tried to stayed in legal ways, means she have a good principal and taste within her camera.

The mean points from Kristen Angelo journey was The Portfolio Promotion. Yup! This is how people will see and proofed that the works is awesome and great. By having a good and well planned through the portfolio promotion, she get some positives result, by the contracts and cannabis company invitation to work by.

So, the reason that I made this post here is about the skill and promotion. Of you guys, fellow smokers! You have it within yours (Skill/Talent) Just don't kept it deep without making any sensation.

As the Kristen Angelo journey concluded, the Portfolio means everything while we started our journey in the first phase. I don't focused its only about photography talent/skill, but everything that can be worth to called it as our potential, while we can maintained to be as the business!

So, lets learn from Kristen Angelo Journey, everyone!


Some of Great Cannabis Photography by Kristen Angelo








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The portfolio on her Instagram

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