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For all of enthusiasts, it is indeed by reading only the whole feed isn't just enough to filled out our insights about the briefly or uniques, or knowledge about the smoke itself. Yup! #Cannabis knowledge is the first important aspects in the case to contribute the content or consumed it in daily life. As also we know that reading a book (Cannabis Book) is like kind of boring activities while you didn't find the point. So, what is the solution to come over this?

Yup, I have an answer which is come as the solution to refill our brain power about cannabis insights, till then we have something new to yourself (knowledge, insights, ways and etc.).

Meet as the world first cannabis information, resources, all the thing you need to refill your brain enlightenment about cannabis is within

What is


Leafly is the largest cannabis website in the world, with over 15 million monthly visitors and 40 million page views across its website and mobile applications. Leafly allows users to rate and review different strains of cannabis and cannabis dispensaries. The site helps patients and adult recreational consumers determine which cannabis products are appropriate for their particular preferences or desired effects and then directs them to a nearby retailer or medical dispensary. Described by its founders as a hybrid of Yelp and Consumer Reports, Leafly uses crowdsourcing to generate reviews for consumers. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and is wholly owned by Privateer Holdings, a private equity firm focused on the emerging legal cannabis industry. Leafly is available for mobile use on iOS, and Android.

Leafly was founded in June 2010 by Scott Vickers, Brian Wansolich, and Cy Scott.[18] The three Orange County engineers recognized the need for a legitimate strain resource and began to build Leafly as a side project to their jobs as web developer. Leefly aim to provided the best website news for cannabis education/informations. There are some advanced features within, such as the following pictures:

Account Log-in into


Login into website, you know when you have active account within the web, you can even save/bookmark the contents within.

Trending News within


The trending content/news aimed to provide the best resources for users. try to visit the site.

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Subscribing means you will received the whole updates content from the site

Get Mobile App for Handy Use-case


This is the amazing features within as t provided the mobile app for users. In handy use case, you can read and access the site as it was in your pocket.

Final Thought provided the best resources/information about #cannabis included the following topics:

  • Medical Marijuana (Cannabis)
  • Educational Use-case (Cannabis)
  • Trending News about Cannabis
  • and another uniques topics ahead.

Visit now for enlightenment your knowledge about #Cannabis.


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Are you coming to introduce one of the three most known cannabis sites to a cannabis community?

Isn’t that like going on Twitter and introduce Facebook?

Love it! 🤘


You are kinda right, but still it doesn't mean everyone is aware of it, so why not, right?


So why not... exactly. I love the metaness of it and that’s why I upsmoked this post.


Oh okay, sorry I got a somewhat sarcastic vibe from the comment


Sarcasm was included but those things aren’t mutually exclusive. 🦇


Haha true that 😂