There Is Always Room For Dessert

10 months ago

Lava Cake


Grape Pie x Thin Mints

Put on your PJ’s before you pack a bowl of this Lava Cake! An indica leaning hybrid that is sure to fill your late night chocolate cravings.


I picked up an 1/8th of this strain a few months ago from my local club, and still can not stop thinking about how bomb this flower was. Usually no matter if it is Sativa or Indica, I rarely smoke and can get to sleep soon after. Usually my heart will be beating out of my chest, and my head is filled with many thoughts. Not with this Lava Cake! A few puffs, then I was ready to lay down, and get 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.


The smell was inviting. No matter how many times I stuck my nose into the jar, I could never get enough. A very heavy aroma of chocolate, grape, and that classic OG kush gas. With the flavor of chocolate and hash lingering in your mouth after exhale. UuuuuuuWeeeeeeeee!!


This was some great cannabis. Hands down. It is exactly what I look for when I go to the club. There is no need to waste my time with garbage , if I can shill out a little extra for bomb. Now I am sure whatever Lava Cake you get is not the same as this one, which is why reviews are kinda pointless. But you can’t go wrong with this strain. If you have a chance, grab this, or even better, grow it yourself! I know I am on the lookout for a cutting of this elite strain. Peace!



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The best dessert! :)


As of this writing Wedding Cake is one of my all time favorites. This Lava Cake is not far behind it.

Looks dank 🤤


One thing I can attest, is I take the shittiest pictures, so if it comes out good, multiple that by 10 then you will know what it is like IRL😂😂

Wow, that was great.