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This is my first review on Smoke, so be gentle...
While this is a review, I am also making a comparison between 2 different cartridges.
A bit of a backstory, I spent some time in Maine( a legal state) while there, I purchased some vape cartridges called Honey Sticks. In this review I will be discussing the use of a cartridge itself, and then the contents inside.
I am not a concentrate/ dab guy. I enjoy flower way too much to ever join that niche. That said, after using this a few days, I like the "out in public" discretion it provides. It doesn't have that distinct marijuana odor, therefore, safe to use in public, or gatherings where cannabis may use may be inappropriate. Its grab and go, meaning no pipe, joint, grinder, papers, to carry with you, no prep time while you're on the go, it is very convenient and a bit liberating, as I am in an illegal state.
Now let's get down to brass tacks
First, the "Honey Stick"

Extraction method: butane
Strain: ?
% THC: ?
Terpine profile: ?
Millilitres in vial: 1
Theses sold for $10.00/each or 4 for $30.00. They were golden yellow in color, very transparent.
There were many different "strains" to choose from, I believe these distillates, are mixed with a pre-bought vape juice for flavor.The taste was lemony regardless of the strain, and the scent lingered in the air upon exhale.
After using 12 of them, the high was mediocre, I found myself hitting it every 20-30 minutes to maintain some semblance of a high. The Honey Sticks lacked typical side effects, pie eye, cotton chops, munchies, or have much of a medical effect. It also gave some who tried it a headache.

Now onto cartridge 2

Extraction method: supercritical CO²
Strain: G.G#4
% THC: ?
Terpine profile: Strawberry Shortcake
Millilitres in vial: 2.25

This is being sold for $50.00 each. They are produced by a medicinal cannabis co-OP in Michigan.
The color was a transparent hunter green. It has a low viscosity, and at first, I tried it with a kind pen battery (aprox. 3.2v), and I got really weak hits, so I switched batteries to a 4.4v, and the hit was much improved, I feel a higher voltage battery would make it even better. I think a higher temperature would vaporize the thick liquid more efficiently.
Right from the start, the flavors of the strawberry shortcake terps were strong on the inhale, and piqued my palate to the taste of strawberries.
The high was unexpected, I was alert, highly(no pun intended) energetic, creative, but also relaxed, and focused, without the anxiety or paranoia found with most sativas.
I have smoked G.G.#4, and the subtle nuances of it's high was prevalent, but the undertone of strawberry shortcake, accented the G.G.#4 perfectly. I would classify this cartridge as an all day companion, meaning if you got shit to do, work, errands, sports, it's a great strain. Hell, I first tried this and ended up cleaning my garage. I would not recommend it for insomnia.
Two small hits and the affects lasted about 2.5 hours.

In conclusion, the cartridges are convenient, but the Honey Sticks were an inferior product. I think I will keep a few cartridges on hand. I found that extraction method, combined with the proper skill set can produce some phenomenal product, but I caution, buyer beware.
Sorry about the sideways cheeched, what can i say?

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Nice review @rone420

I'm actually getting ready to post a little review of my own shortly about a similar cartridge. Similar in that the THC levels aren't listed, and it's simply labeled by strain name, but the brand I found is some knock your socks off kind of stuff. A few puffs and it's bed time lol.


Thanks for the kind words. Again, I think it comes down to quality of product combined with method of extraction. I do believe that these cartridges done right can produce some incredible experiences, both recreationally and more importantly medically.


My pleasure :)
There is no question these vape cartridges (link to my vape review) can provide medicinal benefits if made correctly, as the one I currently have is amazing for sleep, and is rather potent in general. It's good stuff, but the buzz is slightly different than smoking. This seems to be a common aspect no matter how strong/mild the product.

Great review, I have never heard these carts but then again I don't buy carts cause the waste they cause

Very nice review.

  ·  last year

Good review : )

Nice review man. Are you planning on reviewing other cartridges ?


As i come across them i will. Hopefully with more info on the gooey goodness inside!

Really nice review, I’m not a cartridge guy either really. I would try them if they are around, but I’m not to apt to purchase one outright. I’ve heard too many counterfeit tales. I’m also not too into dabs, wax, shatter or what have you, not that there’s anything wrong with them, they don’t get me high. Honestly, they really just burn my throat. That be said, I doubt I’ve ever had some honest legitimate wax.

About your pictures...I find if you take your photos landscape style (phone sideways) instead of portrait with your phone the pics are upright!

Again, great in depth review!


Thanks @relaylogix, yes I agree, there is a lot of sketchy shit you can buy out there where cannabis is concerned.
I will have a cartridge for you to try next time we we get together to burn one. Dont forget i got that purple paralysis for you too.