Vanilla Kush

8 months ago

Vanilla Kush

(Blackmarket Legit #Strain)

Even though I like to produce my own #smoke, here and there I like to grab a bit from a buddy just to change it up a bit. This bag was 0.013 BTC


(WOW Right?)



(In Case You Didn't Get A Close Enough Look In The First Two Pictures)


Ok, Time to fire this bad boy up...

The bud has a nice smooth taste. Not fruity but just a really pleasant taste. You can definitely taste the vanilla, and the bud itself has the hint of vanilla smell. I can also definitely taste the Kush. I'm not choking so that's cool, man; the taste is making my mouth salivate.

The smell of the bag is incredible. I would definitely be care full if traveling with this stuff. When my buddy stopped by I stepped out of the house to meet up with him and wow, I could smell it instantly as I stepped out the door. It has a really skunky funky deep I don't give a shit where you stuff this I'm right here smell. Ugh, I love it so much. The world should smell like #skunk.

The high is nice and mellow, I'm #ripped but I can still function enough to write this post. I'm not completely locked but I can definitely feel an intense, edible almost, body buzz.

All I can say is I'll recommend this strain. It's no Gorilla Glue, but it's right there with it! Try the #Vanilla_Kush my friends, you won't be disappointed. I hoped you liked my #nugporn.

Until next time. Smoke Get Paid Repeat!

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Damn... I mean dank!


It smoked like it too.

Dam this is some dank looking kush, what kinda camera


Believe it or not it is my iPhone Xs Max with a 7$ clip on lens kit from dare I say wally world.

This sounds like a good "I'm on vacation so I'm gona laze around and do weird shit around the house" kinda weed.


That’s exactically what it is.


That's my kind of vacation weed ✌️😎

looks really nice ,high weed.The trichomes are milky,not amber,so stoned/couchlock is out of the question,really lovely


Definitely good daytime weed! Yes hardly any amber.