Tecnos OG Kush [A Closer Look]

18 days ago


Hello all you smokers out there...

If you are a frequent reader of Smoke.io, you are probably aware of my recent trip for work that allowed for a witness meetup. Here is just one of a few posts documenting the experience, and the gifts I received.

To my surprise, during the witness meetup with @tecnosgirl, she gifted me about an eighth of her self grown OG Kush. Phenomenal if you ask me, the quality of her bud was top notch. Here is my review of her homegrown cannabis.

The Looks

Let's start it out with looks and feel. The buds are soft to the touch, in a good way, with that spring back from the density of the bud structure the plant had produced. No doubt, these plants were well cared for. The buds are a very light green, not uncommon to indoor grown cannabis. Covered in a powdery amberish dust, the trichomes are evidently laden on this strain.




I love getting those up close shots. Here are a couple of close ups of the buds structure.




I could sit and look at close up images of buds all day long...


The Smell

This Kush has the smell of a nicely cured plant, have you sniffed any Kush, this smell is just right! A bit of citrus, with the heavy tone of dank. A very pleasant smell if you ask me.



The Smoke

The smoke is very smooth, although it does encompass some choking properties when hit hard, this is a smoke that is easily puffed on with how smooth it is.

The Taste

I can say there is a distinct taste quality with this particular bag of Kush, no chemical nutrient taste to it, no overpowering medium undertone that I usually get from an indoor grown strain. A bit citrussy as the smell indicated, and best I can describe as a cannabis undertone. To me the citrus really rings out over all the other flavors. It is a very mouth watering taste the whole bowl through. Not like some buds that taste good until they get burnt, this bud is tasty to the last hit.





The Buzz

This Kush brings me a heavier high, although I am not crashing, I can definitely feel it in my extremities. It slows me down a bit, but in a nice way. I guess that's where @jackdub gets his saying: "Evening Tokes With A Nice Cushion..." or something along those lines. I do feel like I'm floating around, dazed, not quite confused, but definitely spaced out.

Overall, the smell, the smoke, the taste, and the buzz were all excellent. I would've had no problem acquiring this strain from a dispensary, and even paying their prices. Well done!

Until next time remember Toe Toe Toke it up!!!


If you haven't placed a vote for me as a witness, I ask that you please vote for @relaylogix for one of your thirty witnesses! Thank you!


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Friend, that a great way to describe the tasting, I can almost taste it. I love the photos you captured of those flowers.

You make my cannabis look and sound sexy. I am flattered you think so highly of my grow. I am actually really proud of that batch, that to date has been one of my best batches.


I only reviewed it like I see it. You should feel accomplished with that batch.


good genetics help a lot

You be a lucky man 👌 one day I’ll get to kick the boots of someone I have met online 🤞