Snow White Wisconsin Outdoor [A Closer Look]

3 months ago


Here is a little review on some more of my own warez. This is some Snow White, taken from clone, from a fellow grower of mine that has grown the mother indoors from a seed acquired from Nirvana Seed Company. I did a review on a batch of his indoor Snow White a while back. You can find it here Snow White Indoor if your interested to see the differences between artificial and natural lighting.


I really like the way the density of
these nuggets turned out to be. They
are pretty solid to the bone. If you
did happen to look back at the same plant
grown indoors you can definitely see a
profound difference. The indoor is a lot lighter,
with the red hairs protruding from everywhere.
The trichomes are comparable, but in my opinion,
they shine through a lot more on the darker
outdoor grown plant. The nugs are nicely snow covered!

My buds dried up nicely, with
a nice cure to them. They grind
up pleasantly.



The nice thing about knowing
where the cut comes from, the
comparisons can be made.
After all, genetically, the indoor
and outdoor are identical.


I like to take you deep inside the magic, up close and personal, get you that money shot!

I hope I haven't lost my touch of delivering some decent photographs of one of my, no, our favorite plants.






So let us grind some of this up and see what we are working with.


I like the way her buds grind up. They grind even and breakup to a soft pile. The bowl or a joint, easy to pack, cooperates when you roll.


The keef these buds produce when ground is impressive. Each nug looks just like you rolled it in sugar. Which in-turn gives me back some nice bowls of might as well be hash.

What can I say about her aroma? Sweet, a bit spicy, not really too skunky, but there is a hint of pungency to it. To be absolutely honest, I could smell this for some time graciously.


Here are some more nice close up shots...



The laden trichomes, a sight to be had. One of my favorite things to look at up close.



My money shot! I grew this!

So how does this gal smoke up? She smokes up well, like previously mentioned, grab your pipe, bong, vape, or your skin of choice. Snow White is well taken in all forms.

A hybrid consisting of the parents White Widow and Northern Lights that can range in the 16 - 19% THC levels. It is also a low CBD content cannabis with its levels coming in at 1% or less. This is a heavy smoker in my mind. Definitely my nighttime strain of choice out of the three I have on hand.

The smoke is sweet n spicy. I still remember smoking it with one of my long time counter tokers @rone420, after he had his first pull on the joint, his first reaction was, 'Wow, that's a bit sweet, and spicy'. The smoke is smooth and full, if I can describe it right. It is definitely not grow medium taste like most of the indoor grown buds I have come across. Growing this 'indoor' strain outdoors really brought out the earthiness of the taste. This really helped fill in those empty, I just hit some air weed, lost flavor notes, I personally tend to dislike when grabbing my black market sack. In my humble opinion, all weed is not supposed to taste like medium. To which most of the stuff I was coming across did. I started identifying my sacks by which medium I thought was used. Yuk.

Get them plants in the earth people!

Let them natural flavors flow!

There has been a lot of deep dream art filtering, which I like, here is my take, deep dream no filter...


The high for me is heady, but in a good way. I'm smoking on it as I write this post, so I'm not locked. There is a bit of a relaxing daze in the head, no doubt it would be easy to lay down and relax with this weed, and then pass out like I do when I'm tokin on it a lil too much. It is a smooth buzz that hits almost immediately after toking on it. I seem to stay high for a decent duration on this strain. Like I said, I smoke too much of it though, then I pass out.

The difficulty growing this strain is supposed to be a bit higher than some, but I think anyone that cares or tends to their plants habitually will have no problem cropping her out. She is a really nice yielder as you can see from my previous harvest post you can see here: The Long Awaited Harvest Is Here By: RelayLogix.

Well its time to wrap this review post up. So until next time, Toe, Toe, Toke it up...



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