Pulsar APX Vape Pen Review

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6 months ago

Pulsar APX Vape Pen

[$70 US]

Includes: Vape Pen
Charging Cable
Stir Stick
Cleaning Brush
Replacement Top
Pulsar Site


The initial opening looks great! Nice presentation pretty neatly packaged. Everything in its place. The design is neat!


After charging the pen with the included USB charging cable let’s toke it up.


The instructions say to turn on and let sit after it vibrates for 30 seconds before puffing. There is 5 temps to choose from starting at 356 degrees ferinheight. Maxing out at 428 degrees ferinheight. 356, 374, 392, 410, 428.

The device warms up quickly! That’s a bonus. I had loosely packed in some GG4 3/4 full as the instructions said. After I waited the initial 30 seconds I hit it using the lowest temp 356. Damn, did I get a hit? Hit it again... Whats going on here? Let’s bump up the temp...I worked it all the way to 410 degrees before I began getting a good even vaped hit...Boo.

One thing for sure the mouth piece gets awful warm, and after a couple hits? Not cool! [punn intended] After hitting it for the 4 minute maximum duration, I opened up the top and the weed looked cooked but at 410 degrees you’d look cooked too!

Beside the fact I really do not recommend this vape pen at all, it did come with a really nice stir stick. That will ease the fact I paid 70$US for a lip burner.

Living in Wisconsin, I may just use it as an electronic 70$ hand warmer and stick to the flame for my consumption. Wish I’d have seen this post before I puchased it.

Well until next time stoners, put your lip burners in the air!!!


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The mouth peice getting hot sucks, Mine is the same i find but I don't use mine at 410f i use mine at 385f 195c


I did not have much luck with it. Kind of turned me off from even trying something different.


Yeah, don't blame you. I bet it has been 3 months since I have used mine

Reminds me of the wispr, its kinda cool and unique but the mouth peice heats up to the point of burning your lips :(


The mouth piece is a definite turn off. My lips feel like I have a cold sore on them. Well now I know what a crack heads lips feel like. No thanks.