My First Dispensary Trip [Kinda...]

6 months ago

First Dispensary Interaction


[ image clipped from verilife site ]

So my better half had to go to Chicago to visit her grandfather, while I stayed back home with my twins. She left on a Friday night to return on Sunday. That Sunday I got to thinking, Hey, I could coerce her to stop at a dispensary for me on her way back. Well, here she is traveling with her mom, who is not so keen on traveling with the cannabis. However I ask her anyway, and she says "Ok". This was too cool, after all she doesn't smoke at all. Doesn't care, just doesn't smoke.

Now began the search for a dispensary which was in relatively the same area of Chicago as her travels would take her. Wow, finding cannabis in Chicago isn't easy. After visiting many different web sites of various different dispensaries it was apparent, CHICAGO YOU NEED MORE CANNABIS! Site after site, recreational halted or greatly reduced if offered at the moment. Then on top of that it was Sunday, a lot of the dispensaries were closed. Not that I blame them, everyone needs a day down. One open on the South Side, yha NO, There was one that was opened, however for medical patients only on Sundays. My guess Sunday may be delivery day, and why shouldn't the medical patients get their meds before I get my fun? If I need it that bad, I should then just get a medical card.(Not yet offered in my state)

At last; here's one within relative distance, and they are open, and for rec too! Now mind you, I'm sitting hundreds of miles away getting excited. I know not what she is in for once she arrives as I have never personally visited a dispensary, was that a treat. She was astonished to find the closest parking spot a half mile away from the actual dispensary. Once she walked that half mile, for me mind you, she was greeted by whom other than the local cities finest. That's right, the local police were directing the line, "Here for rec?" She told me one of the police officers exclaimed to her as she walked up. Stunned by this coming from a state which is illegal, she shockingly replied "Yes." "That line over there." and pointed, she told me he said. Too funny if you ask me. She said the line wasn't really all that long but long enough for someone to be passing out doughnuts. Really, I was totally jealous as I was being told this information.

So this is where the review begins I guess. She hit up the VeriLife dispensary in Romeoville. On the site there was only a few choices if it were flower you desired, as in my case. I asked her to pick me up the Meltdown pre-roll listed on the site as in stock for $15USD. When she ordered, the price was actually $20.68USD, when she asked about the price difference she was told the site was not accurately showing the prices. Ok? Anyway she grabbed up the pre-roll tube and headed out.


I finally got to smoke on a little bit of this strain, it is definitely a hard hitting strain. Coming in at 26.74% THCA and 0.75% THC. Coinciding with very low CBD at < 0.1% it is a really high; high. Let's take these percentages in to consideration for all of you non-math smokers out there. On the labeled package there is the tolerance factor. On this particular tube, from Matter®, it is stated This product contains no less than 85% and no more than 115% of the stated percentage of THC, THCA, CBD, and CBDA.



Well this package being, 26.74% THCA, could actually range from 22.729% to 30.75% by that statement. I think that is cool to think of, but honestly an 8% swing? That's almost half the total value. Where's the accuracy? Are we truly getting what is stated? Or is there such a lump sum of cannabis within on tested bud, who actually knows? Not that I don't think what I got was legit, it was by all means, I'm ripped, just some really good questions you may have answers for.


The container housed two 0.8 gram pre-rolled cones, too which were covered in kief. I wanted to see the insides, its damn near powder. Honestly, I squeezed out a chillum bowl of the dust to try it out. It tasted ok, clean, yha that's about all I could really say, clean. Man does it lift me off though.

I think I'd grab up this strain again, but not at those prices. $20USD for 1 gram. Are you kidding? Sure makes my homegrown that much nicer. The dispensary price is absolutely insane, what is up with that? Joe-Bob down the street will hook me up with bud just as good at a fraction of the price, when it comes to that.

In ending, I find it rather odd, my first dispensary interaction was second hand through a non-smoker.

Till next time, Toe, Toe, Toke it up...



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I think they do that to ensure they're not overselling their product as far as quality goes. It would be a little upsetting to expect a 28 or 30% THCA strain, just to end up having something around 22%, so the middle is probably what they chose.

This also can be because even if they all do well, not every plant will produce the same potency every single time. The variation is likely due to that factor. Some lower, more shaded buds, might have not gotten as much light and aren't as potent, so in the case you get a bag that's actually full of that specific bud, you'd probably be able to tell it wasn't close to 30% THCA, but rather closer to 20%. If they said it was 30% roughly and you didn't get super high, you might not be satisfied with the product. If they claim 26% though, that's 4% less than the top and only 4% off from the bottom line. As much as we'd like to believe in the mass production of cannabis for sale and consumption, can stay consistent completely, sadly, it cannot most times.


Also, $20/gram prices are something I have not paid in YEARS and it was only because the level of quality of bud that we can easily get and grow now, was not readily available to me. I had to pay the extra, because the supply and availability have never been what they are these days. For something to be that expensive now.. is a bit of a rip, ngl.

I guess it was kind of a bittersweet first dispensary experience, and I was reading that? I couldn't help to think about how fortunate I am to have a medical card and to live in a state where I've been "dispensary spoiled" for the last two years. Hopefully it won't take too much longer before your state goes legal. I agree, $20 a gram is too much! Nice write up!

Great review, missed the curation window unfortunately, keep up the great work mate!

The things our spouses do for us stoners just because they love us lol.

I live in illinois, we just got recreational use and there has been a shortage of basically everything as the gov had set up the grow centers in some dumb ass way. Hopefully after summer it will get better as they are supposed to be handing out more grow licenses. The price is about the same as street price, the TAX is where they get you. 25-35% based on thc content right off the bat, and then municipalities can add up to 3% along with the already added sales tax of i think 2.7% and as you know, big bro needs to get paid nicely in every aspect of life. As for the meltdown, the prerolls are not that great, i assume its shake and trim ground into basically powder as you discovered. Matter, the company that makes/grows it is also owned by the verilife owners, pharmacannis. Meltdown is actually one of my fav "house strains". Very stoney and it almost has a repulsive smell that makes me want to keep smelling it, its strange, but great in true flower form if you get the chance 😁💚🌲


Also the leafly app has their menu on it with prices for next time 😉