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7 months ago

#iRainy Grinder Review



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Just picked up this iRainy 5 piece herb grinder. As you can see it is just a tad bigger than what I consider the normal size 3 stage Diamond Grinder.

There are 5 components as the name suggests. A pretty nice diamond tooth grind chamber, a pretty slim catch screen for the joint material, a why do I need this mid screen compartment, and finally my favorite, the pollen box!



The top view shows not only is it taller but it is also larger in diameter. Not to worry the grinder still fits in my hand.


Giving the #grinder its maiden spin, the top spins nice, and the grinder cuts through my bud with minimal effort.

Opening it up, yep that is just right for a jizzle. It broke the weed up evenly which is a bonus to help them spliffs burn true.



After grinding up just this little bit I'm already collecting pollen. This is definitely a score at $7.99 USD

To wrap it up, I needed to get a new grinder. After a post I seen on SMOKE.IO, I went in search of a grinder with a side access hatch. In the process of looking I discovered this grinder for $7.99. A hell of a lot cheaper than what I was looking at. Figured I'd give it a shot. Well, for all intensive purposes, it is a pretty nice grinder for the price I paid. The durability factor is yet to be seen. I will most likely cut out the mid screen to get a deeper grind chamber.

As the Diamond Grinder you see above is, no joke, over 10 years old. I really doubt the iRainy will live that long. The construction just seems like $7.99. I'm sure it will last until I drop it one good time. Or start smacking it with my lighter to loosen up the stuck on hash build up.

Until Next Time... Smoke, Get Paid, Repeat!



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$7.99 is a great deal. I know I overpaid for mine, but it's a very unique grinder.


I'll still most likely pick a side exit grinder up. It just seems so convenient for joint rolling.

If you haven't heard the cleaning tip for grinders yet let me be the first to tell you to freeze it to clean it. About 20 mintues then tap the pieces together and all the yumminess that sticks to the tines and the sides will fall right out. If you already knew this tip sorry for posting it again.


That only works for so long, then a good bic flame and a deep inhale. 10 years...


I have had the same grinder for 20 years. Now if it is plastic all bets are off on this tip.

How come it has 2 screens?


The screens are of different mesh width. The first stage lets a fair amount of fine shake through. The second screen lets only the finest quality crystal pass.

Nice grinder! Trying to figure out the double pollen screen purpose ...


It appears to me to allow you to catch kief, and fine crystals. See the above blow up pictures.

So cheap it almost feels as free. Double chamber is fantastic thing.

I use to have a double chambered one, I miss it...😢

That thing looks sweet for the price.

How is the threading? All too frequently they shed their coating into the ganja 😔


I know what you mean exactly! To answer your question, be really careful threading this grinder stoned. Cross threading is definitely possible, and yes, the threads are thin so no doubt in my mind you could get thread peel.