Crazy Miss Hyde [A Closer Look]

last year


Welcome to another edition of #acloserlook. This time we are going to dive into a deep look at the cannabis strain Crazy Miss Hyde. [Hyd] This strain has been bred originally by SamSara seeds from what I have read. I have included a link to the breeder, along with to the strain info on Leafly, for those whom want to look further into this strain, deeper than my review will get.

I have been looking at introducing a more professional look to the reviews I am posting. This week I will try another new format, another social experiment to see what looks good, what grabs a response, and most of all what delivers a top notch high quality cannabis review, and how does it look?

I will be introducing my 100 percenter scale this week, this scale will be the road map for all future bud reviews. There are 10 categories, of which can be ranked 0 - 10. After the complete scorecard is done the category scores will be added for a final review score. This will allow me to adequately give data driven responses to a correct and accurate strain review.

Categories are as follows:
            1. Color
            2. Smell
            3. Structure
            4. Frostiness
            5. Density
            6. Ripeness
            7. Grindage
            8. Taste
            9. Body Affect
            10. Cerebrality

Body Affectmark.pngmark.pngmark.pngmark.pngmark.pngmark.pngmark.pngmark.png


The color of this batch of Hyd is nice. Not the brightest, the colors are a bit washed out. It may be the laden yellowish trichomes tinting the overall color of these buds, however I think this bud could be a bit sharper in color. The purples almost have a touch of grey to them, not necessarily meaning bad weed, it isn't moldy, just washed out. Have a look...




This strain does not get my award for a kick ass smell in the bag, I was astonished; forgive me for the description, it smelled like a girls cooch and cat piss. Have yourself a smell...




The structure of this batch of Hyd is hit-n-miss. Some of the buds have some nice structure, some of the buds leave you wondering. Anyone that grows would understand, it seems like I got more lower/inner buds than outer/top buds. The inner most lower buds on a cannabis plant seem to be more leafy, and not as dense than those picked further up and out the stems. Here are some pictures of the better structures I found in this 1/2 ounce...







These buds are on the frostier side of life! This is one thing that this bud does have going for it. Look at the crystals in these shots...


Copy of IMG_6593.jpg

Copy of IMG_6594.jpg



Like structure, the density of this batch of Hyd is hit-n-miss. Some of the buds you just can't squeeze, some of the buds are light and feathery. I really do not like soft-light-feathery weed. When I get a bag of this Structure/Density quality, I know right away I am going to burn through the sack extra quickly. As that soft light weed seems to just burn up to nothing, and within a couple hits. A couple more shots to show some of the density variety here...




This bud is definitely ripe.



As with soft weed, it doesn't grind up all that well. The Hyd likes to get stuck and wrapped around my grinder tines. Putting these buds through the grinder really emphasizes the differences in density from bud to bud. Some buds grind and some buds do not. I find myself just stuffing the popcorn chunks straight into my unit of choice with no regard to how its going to burn, because it's going to burn through.

Copy of IMG_6599.jpg

Copy of IMG_6600.jpg

There is more to go through but all the sudden uploads are not responding. Possibly this post has reached the bandwidth limit. The rest of the post will be of text then I guess. I will post another article of some more of the nugporn I have taken of this strain.


This is a very flowery taste, I think it could pass as I just smoked a flower. You know a daisy, lilac, rose. Not much cannabis flavor, maybe a hint.

Body Affect

This is a great body stopper if you smoke too much, you'll straight just close your eyes and sleep. In proper quantities of this ganja, the feelings are superb, not to draggy, not to excited.


This is the affect on the mind, and this weed has it. It is very easy to get stoned on this grass, and for me to get stoned is impressive. I'm not talking I catch a good buzz, I can actually get stoned on Hyd. That alone may make me look past all the qualities this strain has that I do not care for. In the end I get stoned.

Until next time stoners, I hope this review lived up to the Smoke name, and remember toe toe toke it up!



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what do you shoot with? I meant to ask you that weeks ago. I am looking for some new equipment for my micro shots and love how your images come out. So if you would shared with me, what you are shooting with I would be really interested to know.


Maybe the tripod for my phone is all I need. I get good photos with my professional camera don't get me wrong. It is just most of my equipment is currently packed away and the lightning sucks in this house. My studio will be done soon and with the lighting I am installing I won't have that issue any more. I could set up a small box area somewhere but honestly I haven't got the room for that right now. But damn I never thought to get a tripod for my phone. Now I am gonna have to play around and see what I can get with the macro lens I have for it.


I will make a post on how I achieve my photos.

You won’t need much money I guarantee it. Just a good eye, a relatively cheap purchase and the right lighting.


Do you have one of those cheap Micro pens things that hooks up to the computer I saw someone reviewing one on other things and thought that it would get images like you post and thought about trying it, it was like $29.99 or some shit. I booked marked it somewhere


No, I have a macro lens.


the macro lens I want for my camera costs more than my camera cost. :( I do have one of those clip on sets for your phone but they don't help


Yeah, anxious too on how you do it, your pics are crystal clear my friend...


I am wondering too! I probably can't afford a nice camera that I would need like this but I think it is good to know how the quality is this good for your pictures! I might not be so broke in the future that I can get one and rise my quality more!

super dank looking.... it looked like a cotton ball on top of the grind tool.

Best post of this week or may be a month too .. Excellent one friend 🔥🔥🔥


It really is! He always has really good posts for us to taking a look at!



Amazing report!

excellent review mate!

It still looks amazing even if you say it is washed out or something! I would love to have it regard less because it still looks like fire!!


It’s a 7.5, not bad, just not so pretty!