Review - Up In Smoke vol. 7 - Stoner Rock Festival

last year

Greetings everyone!

Cheese, watches and chocolate are probably the first three things that come to your mind when someone says Switzerland. But I've totally different memories.

Stoner rock in Switzerland??

Facebook is a nasty thing when it comes to tracking your favourite bands on Spotify and their tours. So, few weeks after purchasing ticket for Sleep in Amsterdam, fb showed me this #stoner and psychedelic #rock festival and after scrolling through line up, I was hooked.

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The day has come and I was there. Smell of weed was getting more intense as I was approaching the venue. I was out of weed and hoping to find some. I was lucky to get a few joints and I stopped there because searching for weed stops you in enjoying music.

Next day I hopped to Basel (it's just two train stops from #Pratteln) to find some local dealers. Where is smoke, there is... nothing. Stumbling through city centre I was directed towards bridge, but there I found out there are three more bridges and I was at the wrong one. On the way back I bought Lemon Haze with 21% CBD and 0.8% THC at CBD shop. Not bad, nice smell. It's the highest percentage of THC I could get legally. Useless. It was OK with an edible that I brought from home and before sleep.

A word,
two about genre

Stoner rock, also known as stoner metal
or stoner doom, is a rock music fusion
genre that combines elements of heavy
metal and/or doom metal with psychedelic
rock and acid rock.
The name references cannabis consumption.
The term desert rock is often used
interchangeably with the term "stoner rock"
to describe this genre; however, not all stoner
rock bands would fall under the descriptor of
"desert rock".
Stoner rock is typically slow-to-mid tempo and
features a heavily distorted, groove-laden
bass-heavy sound, melodic vocals, and
"retro" production.
The genre emerged during the early 1990s and
was pioneered foremost by Monster Magnet and
the California bands Fu Manchu, Kyuss and Sleep.

Third day I took a slower pace. I was a bit tired of rumbling and moshing on days before. And comparing with the first day there were three times more people. I had three edibles and beer (did you know that after drinking a lot of Guinness your shit turns black??) on my side, and on their wings I ended in the first rows somewhere mid evening.

About Switzerland

Other words that describe this country would be gold, Alps, banks, Red Cross and most recent CBD. But what I've learned in my 4 days visiting and what you should know if you're visiting follows.
It's by far the most expensive country I visited so far. Basic carvery lunch (noodles with chicken) and two 0.4l beers is €20, beer at the festival €6-€8, 0.5l water at the airport €2.5...
On the other side seems well organized, sophisticated and very clean and safe. I was hanging out around train stations and we know they're the shittiest part of any city, but this one was spotless. In train station standards.
Cannabis is illegal. Actually, it's illegal if contains above 1% THC. CBD shops are easy to find and offer different varieties at affordable prices. Two grams for €20.
Worth to mention that #Switzerland is multi-lingual country and German, French and Italian (south) are norm but English goes very well too.

And for the end, forgive me for lack of photos. I was in festival environment and survival mode.

Thank you for stopping by!

Stay Smoked

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Rock on bro, you deserve it, especially after being killed twice:D


Well, I definitely felt like in heaven

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