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9 months ago


Hi! fellow smokers, hope we all are having a high time here :)

Yesterday i went to one of my local shops here and while i was purchasing some OCB rolling papers ( which is not my favourite but i use it the most due to it's availability and the cost) i thought of sharing some of the pictures with you guys.

So my most used papers with good availability everywhere are :


  • OCB slim king size papers (Got 32 leaves per pack and which cost Rs. 30-60 depending the locations)

35543769_1939391236352150_1255169587704496128_n - Copy.jpg

  • Another one is OCB slim unbleached brown virgin kingsize papers ( Got 32 leaves and which cost Rs. 30-60 depending on the locations)

35521385_503175070116681_3899867250076680192_n - Copy.jpg

  • The last one for me here is RAW slim kingsize classic unrefined natural unbleached rolls. ( Got 32 leaves which cost Rs. 40-90 depending on the locations)

  • Regarding Stash pro, sorry guys i don't use it much.

Without them life would be boring :)

DrfWKtZ (2).png

Thank You Guys And Keep Smoking!! post banner.jpg

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That's a nice reserve stash my friend. Which are the best for you... I'd go with OCB


Yea.. OCB for me too

they look awesome

I like Smoking..hehe. Like you..

My friends use the same "Raw" skins because they have the tips too.

I just got home and the lady from my tobacco shop remembered our last conversation about papers and she was super nice and said: "You want to have the brown ocbs, I know! I already ordered them. Next time. Promise."


Haha!! She knows you very well then

Thats awesome, great post and thanks for sharing cheers


Cheers mate!