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Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is in the Cookies family as it is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie. This strain is super dank, presenting qualities of GSC with the kushy piney earthy OG Kush genetics shining through nicely. It's all made exceptionally smooth in this cross.


Beautiful Packaging

I'm digging the packaging and labeling of this new branding. I love seeing cannabis go in the luxury direction, I just believe in the free market and would like to see the prices that would bring.

The Numbers

Super potent testing over 31% thc. It really don't get too much better than that. I loved this strain and savored it for weeks before finishing the last nug.

The Look

It's absolutely gorgeous. The bud structure couldn't get any better, super tight dense nugs with absolute trichome coverage. I fell in love with wedding cake the moment I looked at it.

The Smell

The smell is underwhelming but very pleasant. You can tell right away this is a super kushed out strain, but it's not gonna be quite as loud in a room as a lot of other strains, especially in it's line of genetics.


The Taste

Taste is bar none, super smooth, earthy, piney, sweet like GSC. It's not harsh at all, extremely smooth and creamy.


The Effect

The effect is euphoric and relaxing, but not going to put your lights out. It's definitely indica dominant and has a good heavy buzz on it, but not really sedative unless you over consume. No complaints about Wedding Cake, it's great in every regard.


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Wedding cake gives me the chills, but not the cannabis type 😅

Wedding cake is such a killer strain. I actually just picked up some in a cart that I can't wait to try. I'll definitely share it when I do!

That is an absolute beauty, I would love to get my hands on some.

Finished my wedding cake a few weeks back, missing the sweet taste