Watermelon Zkittles by Verano Brands

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last year


Watermelon Zkittles

This is a cross of OZ Kush and Watermelon Zum Zum #3. I have never had either of these strains, but I was surprised at how piney and kush this strain was.


The Numbers

This guys potent as can be testing nearly at 30% thc. Leaving nothing to be desired.


The Look

This has some gorgeous buds. Super frosty, with a nice tight dense bud structure. It definitely has a kushy look to these buds.


The Smell

The smell is a bit sweet and fruity, not very kushy. It's very pleasant but not super strong or overpowering.


The Taste

The flavor is much more intense than the smell, and it's heavy kush and pine. This strain is right up my alley with this terpene profile. I'm not really getting the watermelon out of it, but that might be just a light sweetness in it.


The Effect

The effect is a nice well balanced high, leaving nothing to be desired in a middle of the day smoke. It's full bodied but not sedative. It's a mood elevator and a body relaxer, just like I like.

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Mmmmm everything by Verano has been looking soooooooooo good. I gotta try this one!

That looks seriously dank 🤤🌲

Good photograph.