Valley Girl by Grassroots - Illinois Medical Cannabis (Exclusive Smoke Review)

6 months ago

Valley Girl by Grassroots

Valley Girl could be the ultimate hybrid strain, the perfect specimen. It's not my #1 strain, but it's probably my #1 hybrid strain. Archive seed bank crossed San Fernando Valley OG with Face Off OG to come up with this one. Two OG's to make what I call a secret OG (an OG that doesn't have the OG in it's name).

Look and Smell

She is truly a beauty. These nugs have gorgeous bud structure, a nice light wintery forest green and full tricomb coverage. The smell of this strain has varied from batch to batch. This first batch had a real nice OG smell to it, but the current batch I have is a little bit musky, not quite what you would expect from a Kush.

Flavor and Effects

The flavor of this strain is really phenomenal. It brings out all the best traits from the OG parents it delineates from. Heavy pine with a bit of citrus sweetness to it. The effects are happy and euphoric without being super heavy like you get from a lot of OG and Kush strains. It's the perfect day time Kush that isn't gonna put your lights out.

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Great review, Grady! Never heard about Valley Girl but now you got me jealous! Next time, smoke one for me :)

Valley Girl ... looks and sounds like a strain I’d like to get high with all day long ...!


I rode a ski lift today called the E Z Rider lol

Oh man that looks like a sugar cube!! the folks over in illinois got their game tight!


Illinois FTW!

Those buds are like Christmas winter snow on trees!!! Holy Tricombs !! Very nice Bud and nice post. Thank you. I haven't seen that strain on the west coast. Well Nevada. Ill Have to keep my eyeballs peeled and see if anyone sells the strain. Right on. cool.


I hope you find some cuz this is a girl you wanna have around!

Sitting here pure dankrupt drooling over these pics, well jelly. Nice review mate 👍


I'm vaping some in a volcano bag, waiting for a buddy to pick me up for a day trip to go skiing/snowboarding. Back to work Monday :(

That is some top quality nachos right there. Crystals have taken over like mold.

Stoned and stunned by the beauty of these nugs!