Ray Charles - A sleeper and a creeper

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Ray Charles

"Ray Charles is a potent indica strain named in honor of the cannabis-friendly blues musician and songwriter. This hard-hitter introduces itself with an earthy, skunky aroma that reveals itself strongest on the exhale. The full-body effects hit with intense sedation and lull you into rest and relaxation like the sweet voice of The Genius himself. For this reason, Ray Charles is best reserved for bedtime or late-night unwinding" [Source}(https://www.leafly.com/indica/ray-charles)



The Numbers

Coming in at 21.7% which is around one of the lowest I've shown in a while. Just to show you they don't all come in super high. It's also nice to show you that while high numbers are nice, cannabinoid #'s aren't everything. These flowers are still wonderful buds. They probably aren't going to make my top 25 strains, but they would find a place in the top 100.


The Smell

It's smell isn't too memorable. Slightly skunky notes with earthy aromas. It's pleasant but not overwhelming. One might say it smells like sleep.


The Flavor

It has a very earthy flavor, slightly gassy. It is nice but lacking some of the terps I typically enjoy in a strain.


The Effect

This one puts me to sleep. It's a great night time strain for that, perfect for relaxation, rest, and sleep. It's mildly euphoric, very heavy on the body.





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Looks fantastic even if the numbers are lower than usual.

Always love a heavy indica

Careful that shit don't make you go blind.

That has some nice colored hairs.