My Favorite way to "Smoke" (Volcano Vaporizer full review)

3 months ago

The Volcano Experience

The Volcano creates a truly unparalleled experience in terms of cannabis vaporization. I tried many vaporizers and continued to smoke because the experience was not as satisfying. It wasn't until I had a friend get one and I used it about 30 or so times at his place, that I started to want one of my own. Once I got one, I gave up all methods of smoking.

Convection vs Conduction

The volcano operates using Convection, which is a system of hot air passing through the bud to vaporize it. Conduction puts the bud in direct contact with the heat source, often causing burning. Devices like pax handheld vaporizer use conduction.

Digital vs Classic

The digital offers a digital display that allows you to control temperature to the degree. The classic has a heat dial that allows you to range the heat setting from 0 to 10. I own the digital but have used the classic and find the experience is just as good in both devices. I tend to put the temperature all the way up, so a volcano classic would suit me just as good as the digital.

The Pack

The bowl can fill pretty much as much as you want. I generally just cover the screen at the bottom with a nice good layer to make sure there's no space. I don't see the sense in adding too much more. It is highly effective at small amounts, so larger amounts just start to seem wasteful.

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The Experience

Vapor from a volcano is more satisfying than any other vaporizer I've tried. It has a surprising thickness to it that a lot of smokers miss when they try other methods of vaping. The flavor is truly unparalleled. You really get the full flavor of the terps without any interference.

My favorite way to smoke

This is by far my favorite way to "smoke" so much so that I gave up all other methods. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is, I am all about that vape life and I'm all about the volcano. If I'm at home, I only use my volcano. I have a pax 3 for when I am on the go and won't be at home for the night, or if I'm going on a day trip. The volcano is it for me, I think it's time to pack up another bag.

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Great review of the product but I didn't really like it..

That's like a space ship


It takes me higher

Using yours made me missing having one so much... I'm thinking about getting one again


Take a look at the Plenty, cheaper and as good as the Volcano!


You should for sure. All my friends who hang around me enough eventually do.

the volcano is an exceptional piece what temp do you use?


Max 446

Nice gif, and nice entry for the contest.

But have you ever done a six foot bag? We use to just for parties.


Nah too big. Vapor goes stale


Needs an extra pair of hands to deflate it though

Bag vapes are too OP, sold my volcano, I know it's been passed on at least 4 times with the same reaction that it's too much 🤷‍♂️


Bruh! Thats what I love about it. Gets me higher than anything


Being able to come back to a bag of vape 20m-1hr+ after pulling it shouldn't be possible, it's too efficient! 😂

I love Volcanoes. My friend's mom has one back east, I used to love going over there and passing that big bag around. Nice post homie.

The Vape Life - I was wondering why the volcano out in vancouver seemed so much better then my buddy's weed in the heated bowl hooka style vaporizer. His wasn't digital either, we'd forget about it while it was heating up half the time lol. To get the text beside pictures i have to use old-school html code, i'll dm you the code for that. So much smoke in that bag, thanks for the contest entry :)

Great review of that vaporizer. I always did want you to talk more about that vulcano.