Midway Dispensary - Menu Review - 01/09/19 - What would you get?

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Midway Dispensary, Chicago, IL

Midway dispensary is an independently owned and operated Medical Cannabis dispensary located in Chicago Illinois. I like to believe I've played an influence on them crafting their menu over time, which I have really been pleased with. The menu is full of products starting with your general flower, broken down into sub sections of CBD, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids, then bulk flowers and pre-rolled joints. Next we have our disposable vapes and cartridges, followed by many other types of concentrates products, and lastly, edibles. The Midway dispensary menu is very large and diverse and offers something for everyone.


The general sections on the flowers menu is almost exclusively gram and 8th pre-packages. The bulk flowers usually don't offer as wide of a variety but offers a lower price point on popcorn buds in 1/4ths, 1/2s and whole ounces. There is usually an abundance of strains in the gram/8th selections. Lets jump in and take a look at the first part of the menu.

Vapes and Cartridges

Vapes and Cartridges are essentially the same thing. The difference being is the vape is one device and the cartridge requires a battery. It's usually more cost effective to use cartridges. I am a huge fan of these for discrete on the go medication.


The main type of concentrate is your dabbable concentrates which are just listed as concentrates. This is your shatters, waxes, sugars and the like. After this we have RSO which is an edible concentrated oil, followed by tinctures, creames, patches, capsules, and even suppositories.


The edibles always have a wide selection on the menu. My favorite is Beddies Eddies Fruit Chews, but they aren't currently on the menu. These are a vegan edible that just taste so good I would buy them to eat as candy if I they were available. Edibles are very cost-ineffective though, especially for someone who consumes a lot of medicine like myself. I can get a whole gram of RSO for around $50 usually, 1/10th that amount of medication in edibles will be $21 on sale. Which means for the full grams you'd pay $210 in edible form.

What am I gonna get?

I typically get flowers and cartridges. I do like to get concentrates but have been taking it easy on them to give my lungs a break from dabbing every day for the past couple years. In terms of flowers, I'm looking at Hybrids Cresco Pheno 51 and Rocket Fuel. I know I've posted reviews on these strains, I love them so much and I gotta get some more. Hoping some of my other favorites might pop on the menu. I am also eyeing the Pharmacan White Fire OG cartridge. I'm really a big fan of that. I'm sure I'll grab some other things but these are what I am most excited about.

What would you get?

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Holy crap that's a ton of options!

Sojay Haze looks interesting:-) But I think i would go for the Durban.


Sojay Haze has some similar properties to Durban, but is a bit sweeter and more like a tropical. I'm not a connoisseur of sativas though.


The little bit of knowledge you gave me goes a long way. Go figure I would pick two similar strains. lulz. The THC on that Sojay Haze is super high but I always hear good things about the Durban.

Bio Jesus. Just for the name. Cant go wrong by getting high on Jesus, plus bio one.


I am not a fan of it lol it's terpene profile is too floral for me.


Can't see that. How you know? From before, you read somwhere?

Whats an extensive menu! I would love to be a patient at their shop, its almost endless!

I've always been a fan of skywalker but those capsules are great for sleeping so I'd probably grab both and a handful of other impulse purchases !


Funny story about the patches, they gave me a trial once. I put it on before working out and I'm a pretty hairy guy so when I went to take it off, it wasn't coming without my hair... So I had a little square hairless patch on my ankle. It was pretty painful too

Nice review about Durban and sojay haze but for me I prefer Durban.

Grand daddy purple


Can't go wrong with the GDP!

I'd probably get a recommendation 😂


I gotta assume by the name your into Indicas, so for you i'd recommend OG-18 and 707 Headband from Cresco Labs, Bubba Diagonal and Dead Cherries from Grassroots, and even though it's a hybrid, I'd tell you that you gotta try Pheno 51 by Cresco Labs. It's a hybrid, fairly balanced but leaning Indica.