Luckleberries #59 - A Revolution Cannabis original strain

3 months ago


Luckleberries #59

"An in house F1 cross of Louis XIII and Huckleberry Kush #8, this batch in interesting in that several phenotypes have been mixed together. While normally not a practice that we love, in this case we thought the varied expressions were interesting enough to justify the practice. Varying between gassy, fuel-like aromas and cloying ripe berry notes and musk undertones w/ a strong physical euphoria and excellent cerebral potency." Source


The Numbers

This shits outrageous with nearly 31% ThcA. That's about the highest concentration of any one cannabinoid I've ever seen.


The Look

It's looking particularly fantastic to my eyes. Very kushed out with beautiful bud structures and densely packed tight trichomes. This strain looks a lot like OG/GSC bud structure.


The Smell

It has a very sweet earthy musky smell. It's noticeably kush but not super kushed out.


The Taste

This strain has great genetics and a great flavor to go with it. I was impressed with how kushed out the flavor on this was. A lot of good pine flavors with earthy and berry tones to it. The flavor was highly enjoyable.


The Effect

It's definitely way more on the indica side than anything else. Nice body high with great relaxed mood elevation. I don't think it's too heavy, but it is starting to get into the heavier strains and could help with sleep.

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It was unfortunate but I couldn't get this strain in the sunlight. Next time I get it, I will have to.

Amazing looking buds, seem like a dense ones. Icing is just, well, icing on the cake.

Cool! Ive had the king loui but never this!