King Louis XIII by Revolution Cannabis - Illinois Medical Cannabis (Smoke Exclusive)

5 months ago

Louie XIII by Revolution Cannabis

I havent had this strain in a while and I'm starting to miss it. This strain takes a cross of OG Kush and L.A. Confidential. The result is an incredibly potent and tasty Indica.

#Flavor and Smell

The smell is very much like the classic OG Kush, woodsy and piney. The taste definitely matches. Its terpenes produce a very thick vapor with lots of flavor that coats your mouth leaving a fantastic after taste. For me, the after taste is the best part of a good Kush.

Potency and Effects

It is a very potent strain, it will uplift your mood but probably not your energy. This strain is likely to make you feel happy and euphoric. Too much will make you take a nap, but its not too heavy if you dose properly.

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nice bud you have there, and the manner which its been serve its catchy, probably u got visitors u were sharing the OG with


Oh, I'm not upposed to share my meds ;)


what if he/she has them symptoms you are having wont you still share, showing love

Looks GREAT! I also see Bermuda Triangle OG wow would love to try that I scored some herb one time in Bermuda cost me an arm and a leg it was Arizona Gold me and a couple buddies went fishing in the Bermuda triangle as soon as we got there everyone was excited so my buddy jumps in the water and yes you guessed it herb and zigzags in his pocket i could have killed him took us all day to dry that shit out lol


It's a nice strain, haven't had that one in a while either. It's a cross of Triangle Kush and Ghost OG which are two of my favs.

Ghost + Triangle = Bermuda Triangle


Looks like some real killy willy

It looks delicious to me.

Dankrupt right now pure drooling, nice bud mate 👌


Why you dankrupt bro? Hard to find in your area?


Fallen back on some trim instead of bud, semi tolerance break haha

Have you mentioned the smoke network to any medical dispensaries? Are they aware of the platform?


I have not yet, but I definitely will. In my home state I only go to one and have a really good relationship with them. Trying to decide how to bring it up and where exactly I want to take that conversation.

this is processed Kush i get the effect wont be like the natural indica, i get you are taking it to imper stress

Kinf Luis looks like a very potent indica.