Double Gorilla OG - A revolution Cannabis Original strain

3 months ago


Double Gorilla OG a Revolution Cannabis original strain

"One of the phenotypes of an in-house F1 cross of Ghost OG and Gorilla Glue #4 by Revolution. This strain presents a balanced physical and cerebral experience w/ moderate sedative qualities. The complex aroma is marked by citrus notes, pine and a musky floral quality. Notes of spice and soap-y finish add to layers of flavor." Source


The Numbers

Another hitter! Over 30% ThcA. This ones got a little bit of CBN, and I have felt that in it.


The Look

It's truly a beauty. The colors and vast trichome coverage give it a really high quality look. The bud structure is really nice, however the nug formation is way too fluffy and stringy for my liking. Buds like this tend to dry up and create a lot of shake, that densely packed nugs do not.


The smell

It smells a lot like it's parents. The Gorilla Glue probably shines through a little bit stronger, but you can definitely smell that OG in there. It is very sweet with pine and a hint of funk.


The taste

The taste is my favorite quality of Double Gorilla OG. It like the smell has a combined flavor between the GG4 and the Ghost OG, providing a lot of sweet piney goodness. It's probably a bit heavier on the GG4 side as it's a very sweet strain, with hints of the OG flavor.


The effect

The effects are surprising with this one. It comes out sativa dominant, which is unexpected. Ghost OG tends to be Indica dominant, and GG4 has cuts that are both, so this was probably taken from a sativa dominant GG4. Effects are very cerebral, but not without a comfortable body high. The CBN in this strain can make you pass out if you do too much, and I've definitely experienced that with this one.





I can't figure out how to embed images so you have to leave smoke to go see my awesome gif I made here, here's a sped up preview. Gifs are so frusterating, thanks to @jackdub for the help/advice on them.


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Those are some beautifully frosty nugs. Pics are longing great too. The first two in the effect section especially.

30% thc - i saw your other one that was 32% thc, those must be getting close to the bud thc % upper limits, so much trichomes :) Yeah the blogs and GIF serving sites seem to like the GIF sizes on the lower side, like the less than 4 or 8mb i was mentioning, mine usually end up being between 3 and 6mb. Your photos and GIFs are looking good, those Double Gorilla OG buds are caked :)


Yeah, I think that is about at high as it can go. Illinois really has their shit down to a science. Our companies are expanding too, I'm betting on them.


@jackdub @rawpride
What resolution seems to work best for you for .gif?


Unless it's a 1 or 2 second gif, I try to keep the width below 440 pixels.. 420x320 is around what I go for. 5 seconds Max is the length I'll do at that size, a 3 second gif would be around 3mb.

those are some great shots and nice buds!

Nice looking buds for sure! I love the one off phenotype strains! Your gif looks great. As always your #nugporn is crisp n clean! Great post.

That bud looks absolutely FIRE, Holy shit I wish I had some of that hahah


I got the best smoke on smoke lol. I swear Illinois buds are beating just about everything in the other legal states I've been too. Only the best of their best is on par with what we're seeing on a regular basis here.

Pretty nice

Pretty nice

looks fire AF

Looks amazing, some great bud.