Corleone Kush Shatter by Ataraxia - Illinois Medical Cannabis (Smoke Exclusive)

6 months ago

Corleone Kush Shatter by Ataraxia

I haven't been dabbing shatter lately, been trying to save money, and save my lungs a bit. This was my favorite shatter I ever got from the dispensary when I was consistently grabbing shatters. Shatters were the only Ataraxia products I was really into, their flowers are decent but just aren't quite the top shelf connoisseur level like my other favorite cultivators.

Flavor And Smell

The smell wasn't super strong to it, barely noticeable, but the flavor was intense. A strong sweet piney flavor that really packed a powerful punch. I wish they had started putting out the Corleone sooner because it instantly became my favorite and I spent a lot of money on other strains before they released this one.

Potency and consistency.

The potency is always super high on these. Over 80% THC. These will really knock you on your ass. I also really like the consistency to the shatter. It's not rock hard, still slightly malleable. I do look forward to the day my lungs are stronger and my pocket book so I can get back to these good ole dabs!

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Looks like a pure gold, doesn't sound like that unfortunately.


Over 80% THC is way too high for me, so i understand well what you mean.


you could dilute it though to a certain degree.. just use less 👌


Me? Use less? 😂 I'm an all or nothing kinda smoker

Its a real treasure chest you got my dear @rawpride



It's only got a shelf life of 1 year? 🤔


They just give all products in illinois a 1 year expiration.

Man, this is some fire looking shatter, 80% thc sounds like It would be a very nice high for sure


Its kill and the flavor makes you keep hitting it

That looks very smooth and clean!

Lovely lookin Jolly Rancher ya got there ;)
Cheers for the read man.
Splendid "D


Yeah, I always looked at these like candy

Looks yum 👌 it’s been quite a while since I had the chance to dab and get high, with medical test for a job looming around the corner , can’t risk it until it’s done.

Anyways, 80% THC sounds little too much for me 😂

With 💕,


A dab'll do ya

Hope one day I will encounter something like that!
Smoke on!


You will

80% that’s some crazy stuff man I can’t imagine what it’s like