Blueberry Clementine by Revolution - This company has stepped their game up!

6 months ago


Revolution Cannabis

I've been a fan of Revolution Cannabis for a long time now, but they have really stepped their game up recently. This is a Chicago based cannabis company that started here with the passing of our medical cannabis pilot program. You can read more about Revolution Cannabis on this High Times article.


Blueberry Clementine

"An in house F1 cross developed by Revolution for their breeding program is an interesting combination of opposites. Both cerebral and physically relaxing in feel, this strain is a good example of a true hybrid. Both aroma and effect lean more towards its Blueberry lineage. Earthy and musky with an aroma more floral than fruit-like. Though fairly balanced, this strain is more relaxing than energizing." Source

The Numbers

This one is testing pretty good at 27.6% total cannabinoids. I am thinking it has a high level of terpenes as well. This one has a little bit of CBN which is more sedative and relaxing. It also has THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin), which is a rarer cannabinoid, which has a number of unique benefits.


The Look

You see it for yourself, this one of a freakin beauty. Bright orange hairs string out from a mix of greens from lime to forest covered in white sugary crystals. This strains bud structure looks a bit more sativa to me, but it is a slightly indica dominant hybrid.


The Smell

It smells like farts, berries, tangerines, and skunk, to be blunt. A combination of sweet and funk. It reminds me a lot of Gelato. It's a smell that would probably repulse a lot of people, but to a canna connoisseur it's delightful.

The Taste

First impression is citrus and berries. Very sweet, the citrus flavor is more of a tangerine than a clementine to me. The tangie is dominant over the more subtle sweet berry flavor. It's very smooth and creamy. There is a slight pine flavor in the deep background. The funk in the smell doesn't come through.


The Effect

Strains like this tend to be sativas and real uppity, but this strain is a nice balanced hybrid, leaning a bit on the indica side. This strain has a nice mellow relaxing effect. Great for winding down after a hard days work. It can serve as a good strain for the mid to later part of the day. The body high is the first thing you notice, but the cerebral effects creep in. It's like a brain massage.


The Potency

It shows it's strength by hitting you quickly. Even after having vaped other strains, the effects of this one shine through. It's very heavy strain. There aren't may types of bud that make me not upset that I'm not blazing a kush, and this is one of them.




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I love a gelato, this one sounds good, looks better

Fresh and frosty. Great looking and smelling, I bet. I have a feeling of progress of nug porn to become much more zoomed in. Soon we are going to watch microscopic pictures.

Holy nug batman! This sounds like the perfect just got home from a long day strain.


There aren't many types of bud that make me not upset that I'm not blazing a kush...

I wouldn't be surprised if the terp count was through the roof. That is some top shelf right there.


I wish we got the percentages here. Only Pharmacann in Illinois does that right now

Sounds like a really nice strain for day time chills

It smells like farts, berries, tangerines, and skunk, to be blunt. A combination of sweet and funk.
I reread this part but like a rapper. hahaha

Beautiful nugs!! Re-smoking it!

Wow.... beautiful. Hey did you ever get your Doge coin from Earncrypto ? I’m still earning TRON there each day.

Those are some frosty trich's - dope af bro.