Bermuda Triangle OG - Don't get trapped by this Indica dominant

5 months ago


Bermuda Triangle OG

"Not to be confused w/ Bermuda Triangle originally developed by Tiger Tree, this strain is actually an in house F1 cross of Ghost OG and Triangle Kush. Though the effects are distinct in their physical manifestations, there is also a potent cerebral psycho-activity w/ increased dosage directly magnifying the sedative qualities. The aroma is citric and pine up front, w/ floral, musky and fuel notes as well." *Source


The Numbers

30% total cannabinoids, Illinois is so on point. I see these numbers in other states but not in the same level of abundance we do here. This is potent as can be. I'm enjoying a vapor bag of the Bermuda as I write this and I'll probably go to bed shortly after.


The Look

This strain looks fantastic. It's got a very vibrant green color to it. The orange hairs are stringy and wild and the buds are a bit wild too. You can see the kush in the bud structure.


The Smell

This particular batch has some of the best smell out of any of the OG's I've had. The sweet citrus smell is very strong and the first thing you'll notice. More in the background there is a piney kushy smell.


The Taste

The taste is sort of opposite of the smell. You notice the piney kushy flavor first and the cirtrus takes more of a background on it.








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Man those are some iced up look buds, caked on there - good name for an Indica dominant. Quality photos, I like the GIF you've got scanning the buds.


I'll have to play with gifs to get them down. Photos are getting on point.

You’re getting good at photos. This post has several which are very “yummy”. Fourth in taste section is for me stand out photo.

Some other strong ones as well but I think they may be little less standout than fourth, because of lens on your camera/phone.


Thanks man, I been putting in a lot of effort on them, glad it's showing


Yes, compared to when we talked about it first... the difference is lightyears. That much that at this point I think you’re limited by the camera now.

Other than camera it will probably be a matter of making this new angle to nugporn yours. Massive, massive improvement compared to before. Also when checked on smaller screens with lesser quality.

re-smoke! ;-)

Don't tell me what to do, I'd be trapped with it all day long.


Might be worth it!

What a fantastic strain name, haven't seen this one out in Colorado


I'm not 100% but I think Revolution bred this one

This one is killer!!! I was super high when I tried it.

That bud looks amazing

Those buds lookin frosty! 30% whoa! Those are high numbers!

WOW... just WOW!
You KNOW you WANNA...