Bedford OG by Bedford Grow - Illinois Medical Cannabis (Smoke Exclusive)

6 months ago

Bedford OG

Bedford Grow has a habit of renaming strains to include their own name. Bedford OG is grown from the genetics of Rudeboi OG, then renamed. The flavor and potency of these flowers is one of the best I've come across. It reminds me of one of the first cuts of OG I ever had from California.

Flavor and Smell

It's got a real kushy smell, hard to describe it any other way. You know it's kush the second you put your nose in the jar. It's a beauty to look at and the taste is unmatched. A smooth clean pine flavor that doesn't choke you up and is easy to inhail.

Potency and Effects

Bedford OG is a very happy, relaxed, euphoric strain. It's not super heavy either. While it is potent, it's not going to put most people to sleep straight away. This is definitely a top 10 strain for me, I'm not sure if it's still in the top 5 with all the new additions, but it's a classic.

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The buds look amazing. I wonder how are they when squashed...looks maybe dry a bit...only looks ..


They hold up surprisingly well. I would have preferred dense and dryer

Look at them nugs, fuck they are pretty


Bomb diggity

t's not going to put most people to sleep straight away.

Is it that the THC content is very low?


Probably cause its high! CBN and CBC cannabaniods are the ones that make you sleepy.


Terpenes have a lot to do with the feel/effect of buds. My favorite analogy is that the amount of THC is like the horsepower of the engine and the terpenes are like the drive who determine where to go.

Damn that looks like some real crazy ass OG, little purpely even

Wow , you got a trichomes festival going there