4 Kings - Little Egypt

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6 months ago

4 Kings by Little Egypt

I typically don't grab from this cultivator because I consider their flowers to be not as high quality, but a buddy grabbed it and brought it by to try out. As a big fan of Revolutions 4 Kings, I will say there was a lot to like about Little Egypts cut of it. It wasn't as good as Revolutions by any means, but these genetics are so strong they came through with some great qualities.

The Look

It doesn't look as good as really any of the buds I get from the cultivators I typically grab from. The color is not as impressive, the crystals are not nearly as shiny and abundant. On looks alone, it isn't very impressive.

The Smell and flavor

The smell wasn't too bad at all. It had a nice piney smell to it that let me know this was indeed a kush. The nose, knows, and it knew this was something a little better than it looked. It tasted quite good as well. Very piney and kushy, quite enjoyable. It just wasn't as intense of a flavor as Revolutions cut of the strain.

The Effect

The buds are quite potent, the effect doesn't leave as much to be desired as the other categories. I only tried it once and was trying other things too, so I can't judge it's effect as well as I can the other categories either though, so take that with a grain of salt. Hopefully they continue to step their game up.

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The bud looks great, but I really like the container! LOL

Looks good, proper trim, not compressed 👍


Yeah, but it doesn't look RAW (#rawpride) 😂


The fokkin weed is bloody raaaaaaaaaaawww (chef ramsay haha)