This time, it's White Tahoe OG

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4 months ago


Had some White Tahoe Cookies, now I got White Tahoe OG

This is some real fire right here. So loud, smells like some straight gas. A small amount of this stuff would stink up a room real quick. It's got big beautiful nugs, that are incredibly sticky to the touch. You can just see how nicely these nuggets shine.


Earthy, Gassy, Piney, with a hint of citrus

The flavors I get from this bud are earthy, gassy, and piney, with some background flavor of citrus. It really smokes nicely, in either a bong or a blunt.


Will put you out

This is heavy heavy stuff here. If you keep blazing smoke after smoke, like I do, this strain is sure to put you out. It's super heavy and relaxing. Sure to enhance you to a positive mood. I can't get over how big these nugs are, I think this big ones like 6 or 7 grams.

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Awesome smoko bro, those heads have more red than green, thanks for teasing us mate, Lol bong on bro. :-)


You know it bro, bong on my friend

Them buds look flame! The images say dense.


Yeah, it's a weird dense, the buds take up a lot of space but are quite dense and sticky

That cup is cool.


Thanks bro

Dam bro them nugs look dank as hell, I have never had a Tahoe at all but the steem OG is a cross.

This sounds super tasty I think i needs to find me some


Yeah, you should definitely try some

That cup caught my eye, where did you get it?

· This one was a limited edition though

Looking delicious. I really gotta come over soon.