Brass Knuckler cartridge, Tahoe OG Flavored

in #review
6 months ago

Had a buddy give me one of these Tahoe OG cartridges for a super good deal so I had to take it. It's not the best cartridge I ever had, the flavoring is a little bit sweet for what I'd expect for a Tahoe OG, but the potency is strong! My buddy wasn't sure if this was a legitimate cartridge or a knock off. It can be so hard to tell because there are such good knock offs being sold on the black market.


The packaging is legit, but you can just buy packaging like this on the Internet and put whatever in the cartridges. I usually don't do cartridges too much, I prefer to smoke it, but the convenience of them is really nice when you just don't have the time to smoke and you wanna get a little puff in.

Hope everyones enjoyin they weekend!

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Sounds like a good deal!
Haven't tried Brass Knuckles before, is it way stronger than average THC vapes?
I'm confused why we can't buy a bottle of THC liquid and refill the tanks, seems like a waste to sell it as a one-time thing, I normally refill my nicotine tanks a bunch.


You could refill them but I noticed over time, cartridges just don't work as good, they get gunked up.

I love Tahoe OG

Never used these before, they're pretty much out of reach, do you use a box mod vape or a pen vape? Hows the high? Yeah you've gotta be careful of counterfeits, you could possibly send one off to a lab to double check the claims of no pesticides/contaminants, but if it's not a regular supply kinda thing then probably not worth it.