[Witness Update]: Downvoting inactive Block Producers of Smoke.io (TOP 35)

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9 months ago

Consensus and BP's responsibility

  • Smoke.io is not just a website. It's not just a CMS where you post and people are throwing in you credits. It's powerful network based on Delegated Proof of Stake, and it's being powered by Block Producing nodes while utilized through dapps and accessed through API Public nodes.

  • 2,5 - 3 months ago a lot of witnesses signed up on Smoke.io. Most of them seemed really nice and interested fellas in the project with doing their best to create good setup for their Block Producing (Witness) nodes.

Recent events

  • About 10 days ago until just few days ago, a lot of BP's went down. If there was 50% witnesses being down, Consensus would be failing to operate and Smoke Blockchain would crash. As BP's are having nearly solid 1000 SMOKE a month (40$ at current price of smoke.io, where cost of the node is 50$ + sysadmin) i do understand most of them had to back off from their position, but they could still be able to drop us a note or message so we can vote other witnesses in.

Suggestions for unvote

Remove from TOP 20

Remove outside of TOP 20 (21 - 35)

My warm suggestion would be voting for accounts such as @bangzi or @intelliguy or @curationbro or @wls-sweden

I personally know these people from other ecosystems and bringing them closer to top 20 if not inside top 20, it would help and support the stability of Smoke blockchain (network)

I'll be doing tutorial for better setup of a witness node which will not involve shared-mem in config but abusing SWAP from SSD for it.

I would appeal to BPs to improve work and maintenance, because it's such a shame to down-vote witness... In any ecosystem.


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This seems to be an on going issue. Is it that people do not understand the work that is required to maintain a system that runs as a witness? Did they not implement monitors and other system checks to verify that the process is up and running.


Exactly. A lot of BP's around from the beginning until now, are not even techies and they don't have a friend to be sys/network admin for them. Other words, they completely rely on successful witnesses and their publications in order to follow up and learn.

On the other hand it's our own fault that documentation is 3 months old and there is no decent options/update.

We will do our best to serve more, as a pack/family of BP's in the same house and the ones who fail will be removed in the future without publication.



Hmmm... you do have a point. I am a sysop and even I find it challenging to manage the querks in a system. @murda-ra Do you find it more reliable to host a witness on a cloud server or a dedicated box in a colo?

As BP's are having nearly solid 1000 SMOKE a month (40$ at current price of smoke.io, where cost of the node is 50$ + sysadmin) i do understand most of them had to back off from their position

Hahaha, that's funny to me, because

  1. I didn't know how much the top 20 made, never investigated that. I've never checked how much I make per month strictly off witnessing...
  2. That sounds like way more than I would need to feel like a fat cat.

I'm around, just saiyan.


In SP its quite the same. Top 20 are signing almost every minute or even more, rest are signing average 1 block per hour. Depends on SMOKE price how much you actually "earn", but since it's locked away in SP it doesn't matter. I mean, whoever came to be witness for quick profits on startup network just made fool of himself. Around Graphene ecosystems where there is no Company behind the project, and it's 100% community-driven as Smoke.io, early witnesses are investors through infrastructure costs and believers/supporters of the project.

I don't expect income from smoke.io as being a witness - whole point of story. I'm doing so to improve network and help it sustain and grow beyond that thickness of greed to just cashout and go. By helping network to grow and be better place, all that Smoke we stack overtime can have very significant value and many more markets. If we don't, it will fall down to nothing and all this was just a bubble....

To not let it become bubble, we just have to be honest with ourselves and others what do we really want and proceed in such way so nobody gets hurt or a problem, because of few individuals.

My 2 cents and closure on this discussion :)


P.S. Trees you've been having my humble vote since yesterday for a witness.

Appreciate @bangzi ! Even though he has not posted even once he is managing to maintain his node well. Although it would be nice to get an intro post from him being a witness :)


i know @bangzi from bts and wls, not a blogger but he does curate and provide top notch node admin .... you could say similar for @murda-ra also :)


Will chase him up for it :) We were all quite busy with #bitshares trying to recover our API and incident from last week. He is definitely good BP and it's a fact proven from other chains!


Totally understand! Not an easy task to manage nodes on multiple chains. Yes, no doubt he is a good BP! Wish him luck and hope to see his intro post soon :)

Thanks for update and suggestion, will do as your advise.
I hope to recover your API soon. Wish you a great and profitable day.
Keep the good work.


Many many thanks! Wish you the same! for tonight/tomorrow :)

Keep trying my best!



Thanks for all.
Voted as witness.

Thanks for the mention! -- and paying attention to the witness list.


Hah! My pleasure. Ever since I've missed you that time on Steem as a witness... not gonna repeat same mistake, twice :)

Keep up the good work!

Thanks DL for all the support yourself and the Bitshares community has shown to Smoke..

I will be adjusting my votes today accordingly.


You are most welcome and many thanks for enabling us with the network and place such as smoke.io!


Lol, it said I was running smoked just fine for 2 days, so 2 of that is not accurate. Not sure why it said it was running fine for those days if it wasn't. Also, I've been working with people to get it back up but no one has seemed to be able to figure out my issue until possibly right now.

I did have a day of downtime where I was not aware it was down at all, but that was due to finals in college and bad timing. 5 classes and 5 exams is no joke and it picked the worst possible time to have issues.

As soon as I realized there were issues, I began trying to figure it out, even seeking the help of people with more technical knowledge than I have. They were not able to figure out my issue. I have been working (admittedly not full-time on this because of college priorities) for a few days now to get this issue resolved and I understand the point you're making, but just because you run a node and then don't participate in the blockchain doesn't mean you deserve a vote any more than I do. I am constantly participating on the blockchain and interacting and that adds just as much value as running a witness. You never contacted me directly in any manner prior to making this post to even see if I was going to be doing anything about the downtime. Calling for people to unvote me when you aren't even active on a WEEKLY basis on here, is utter crap to me tbh. You don't deserve a ton of votes just because you run a witness and are part of some other crypto group, when you contribute very little else to the community. I thought maybe people would learn lessons about calling people out publicly from the mishaps of my abuse endeavor... but clearly that is not the case. lol


BP has to check his daily activity on the node, nobody asks you to post here anything. Stop mixing content creation and being hired as Block Producer.


You cant have BP missing blocks 2 days. Especially not if the number of the transaction grows. If you can't manage it properly, don't be one.

Simple and cruel as it is. If entire network stops because of few individuals who think they can let Active elected Block Producer run missing blocks for days, you are sadly mistaken and you take all of this as a game/joke.

Replied to your post in details with links where you can learn a bit more.

We had one Steem already, don't need another one. You been rewarded in SMOKEBITs and my vote many time, even resmoke - your content is amazing. Stop be emotional because being a BP is just a serious business position you fail to comprehend properly.


Thanks for heads up...

A good tutorial for non-sysop folk would be great. I'm interested in being witness but I'm total noob when it comes to systems and should start learning from scraps.


It will come, but anyway even a non-sysop has to learn the mechanics of the blockchain, just because even if you start missing blocks or having issues, and you are notified, without some knowledge you will probably fail to recover witness. So, or knowledge or money (costs of 3 nodes, backup witness, switcher, with one time pro setup and you dont think about it, yet not many will follow the procedure).

Keep in mind, or warm a chair or reach out the pocket - there is no other way and in both cases, how @roelandp said, "battle scars" gonna be earned.


I'm not under pressure by time or money. Learning new skills was never a problem, but I'll not go through the wall. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Simple as that.

I'm not a technical person and I jumped head first in the witness game. I'm not a active blogger or writer but I try to curate post. I'm still active though!

Thanks for the update dear, i will be doing the needful on my witness votes asap. Stay cool.