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6 months ago


Was up Smoke.io!

I have been a little caught up with a few projects I have going and back from a vacation which was needed but, backed me up at the same time. A big thanks to @tecnosgirl for the Smoke.io luggage bag tag in the first photo. Go check out her awesome sawg "give a ways". I always make time to toke. Back to the bud, yesterday I went to the black market shop ;D and to my surprise they had my favorite strain #matanuska from the grower I like. It come around sometime but whoever this grower is, he is the one the grows it best. I don't know him myself but the plug tells me "that's from the guy you like" so am sure he gets it from the source. I don't have THC levels on this but I'll try my best to describe it.


The smoke on this is heavy. Not something you want to smoke for a wake n bake because your not going to wake at all. This is better for after a long day that you just need to let everything go. Now if you enjoy a heavy high or have a strong tolerance (like myself) then this is the one for you. I enjoy the feeling of having to keep busying or risk zoning off into the unknown. Keep's me on my toes lol.


As for the bud it self, the buds are very dense. They could have trimmed it better, but for the black market it's hard to find this quality. At least the leafs left on are covered in sugar, but they do hide some amazing #nugporn. The #nug are dried perfectly. You have a bit of a stickiness but not that the grinder/scissors get stuck on you. The tastes on it is super piney. Full favored almost like the effect you get from smoking a sour strain but with a piney favor instead. The smell is the same. Very loud. I had to walk in a store on my way home and everyone was looking around for where the smell was coming from. It's an extremely piney with a hint of citrus that can fill a room in a few seconds. Make sure to have an air tight jar if you plan to be out an about.


So there you have it, a quick short review on #matanuska That I found in the black market around my area. I have to do an update on my plant soon. It run into some problems while I was gone which lead to it being in stock from a few days but I got back to life. It's starting to show new growth which is a great thing. I'll leave it at that. Like always CYA later and smoke on. If you haven't you should check out out website at mrtree420.com We're on Twitter and Facebook and where it all started Instagram. Any question or comment feel free to ask. Thanks for the read.

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Personally I preffere not to have the smell hand on me a lot when I got out. But it is fun to watch people sniff around.


I really don't mind. It's the one's that act like they have never smelled cannabis before. I know deep down they want to ask "do you know where i can get some" but they're to shy :D

Damn looking killee, cheers

Very lovely! :)


It really is. Am going to try to pick some more up tomorrow. I just hope they still have some left when I go. :D