Grinder Review: Kozo Large 4 Piece, 2.5", $17

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2 years ago

Ever since my local delivery place gave me a free 2.5" plastic grinder, I've been wanting to get a nicer one.

Before that, I was using a really small (1 inch or so) 3 piece grinder that I paid way too much for. It worked, but was so hard to turn once it started to get gummed up.

Well, after a bit of research, both in head shops and on Amazon, I decided to try the 2.5 inch Kozo grinder.


Cost ($17):

I really don't get why some grinders are so expensive, while something like this with all the bells and whistles is under $20.

Ordinarily, I would assume that there was some sort of defect. But the reviews and rating said otherwise.

Only way to know for sure was to get it here and into my hands.



The quality is really good. The bottom screws on easily, while the top is held in place by a strong magnet.

The top has a smooth notched bevel around it for gripping while turning. Same with the bottom.

It feels really solid when turning and pulling apart.

The bottom part has a removable pollen screen and container that's held in place by a rubber gasket. So it can be used with or without the screen.

For now, it holds snuggly in place, but I wonder what would happen if I lost the gasket. It does come with an extra gasket, but I'd probably just take the whole thing out if it started to cause problems.



For the grinding test, I pulled out about a gram of Mender OG (Indica), loaded it up, and started to grind.


It feels so much more solid than my old aluminum grinder. Almost like it's doing part of the turning work for me. I think this is because of 1) The weight of the thing. Pretty solid. And 2) the raised notched bevels. They are very grippy, but also really comfortable to hold on to. They make it really easy to power thru the tough material.


Below is a the bottom part without the standalone pollen screen / container.


Definitely worth it

This is leaps and bounds better than what I've been using.

If you're in the market for a grinder, I'd definitely recommend a 2.5 inch over the smaller ones. Also, if possible, make sure it has a comfortable grip.

Those are the 2 main features that make this one worth it.

Only other thing I'd like to see is maybe instead of a big pollen catch screen, I'd like to have 2 or 3 separate containers. So when you want to grind a new strain, you have a place to put the leftovers.

Hopefully this is helpful to you guys.



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Dam man this is a super nice looking grinder that is for sure, I am shocked even at 17 usd that's still dam cheap.

i like the out side style a lot on it,

Do you still have any Peach Puree CBD left? Im gonna grow some this season. :) I saw your past posts on the strain.

It looks quality and tyne price is prefect.

Ya that grinder looks real sound. Heavy construction! $17.00 too! Not a bad deal at all.

This looks like a beast. I think it was a good catch for 17 bucks

That sure is a nice grinder, however I’m happy even with my cheaper Anpro for £8 I posted about a little while ago ...