I found New Treasure:: Rebel Coastcannabis-infused wine!!

2 years ago

This is yet another canna-infused drink for those who can not consume it through smoking hot...
I learn that it is available to California residents who are over the age of 21.

According to the company website, the marijuana-infused sauvignon blanc has 4 milligrams of THC per serving and it takes about 15 minutes to feel the effects.
“Our goal is not to kill you after you’ve had a few glasses,” the company further explains. “The goal is to get giggly and naked with someone. We set out to mimic the experience you’d find with traditional wine; a couple glasses will put most people in a great place.”

Even better? No alcohol means no hangover.

Winemakers have been making infused wine for years, but no one developed a reliable method to remove the alcohol and infuse it with cannabis’ Rebel Coast founder Alex Howe explained

Marijuana Wine Is Actually a Thing You Can Buy Now, I have been googling plenty these days trying to explore the uses of cannabis, once I find goodies, I will always publish it here.
Cannabis is actually a three of high economic value, it importance can never be over emphasized.

So if one can not smoke cannabis hot, you can still consume it and get high in either way!!




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It seems quite nice, would love to try it.
If you buy it, please write a review 🍷💚


OK.. I will.. You one thing.. This drink will not only get you high but also prevent some infections..

Looks tasty!


Yea.. I will be very tasty .. I crave to have a taste .

4mg per serving is pretty low, downside of the edible laws in California?


Yea it is !! I think they just did it the way it won't violate edible laws..

That looks like a good try!


Of course and you could also get high!!

That will not be bad fo a try....thanks for sharing

It is not every time that one would like to smoke, a glass of cannabis infused wine can do sometimes