A Different Type Of Honey Pot – Rolling With Honey as Suggested by @jessica

11 months ago

I came across this post by @jessica lately, on how to roll a joint that lasts longer. One of the suggestions was to roll a joint with honey. I couldn't wait to try it out and showed the link to one of my friends (who will join smoke.io as soon as she finds the time, btw). She's a beekeeper and I wasn't surprised that she knew already. She kind of knows everything. Unfortunately, she also knew, why we shouldn't do it …

I did it anyways.

In Germany we say:

"Einmal ist keinmal."

"Once is never"

My friend told me about someone from Peru who had once rolled a joint for her. In lack of buyable rolling papers, some people simply roll their joints in leafs and stick it together with honey. The minute she said it, I felt pretty stupid. Of course, that's what you would naturally do. I have to get out of the city. Most of all: I have to get the city out of me.

Sorry, not advisable

She went on to explain that it's actually not advisable since the sugar crystals are not good for our lungs. Quite reasonable. Otherwise, I can't deny how tempting the smell of caramel was while smoking a joint, that I can definitely say lasted longer than usually.


waking up my inner child

This wonderful smell like a German Christmasmarket or a funfair plus the sticky sweet sirup on my fingertips woke my inner-child immidiately. Watching it burning down was also very pleasant but I couldn't manage to take pictures of it. Just imagine the honey becoming caramel, golden bursting bubbles, right below the fiery blaze.


… my first and last time having a honey pot doobie was a wonderful experience. Thank you, @jessica for waking up my inner child and inspiring me to write this post which further inspired me to create these ornaments, some #spliffography (term stolen from @psyceratopsb) & a gif. for my post. Was busy all day and call that a day well spent! I can't tell you, how much I love smoke.io! I am on this blockchain for 20 days now and already feel very much at home. Thanks a lot.

You made my day. All of you!

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Wow, am so happy you checked it out, and for the safety of your health it's more preferable to use raw honey as it is the safest and healthiest for you. Thanks for the feedback and smokey nice gif😀
Keep enjoying the good times ❤


yes, it is raw honey. But still it has sugar crystals.
I am glad you liked it! And I am really happy that this place exists. :)

There is nothing wrong in knowing everything. If she has alot of knowledge, probably she can share it with the rest of the community. If her sugar crystal theory is right then may be we can find some other better thing to make it last longer. Anyway if something don't go well with cannabis then it should be replaced because we can't replace cannabis.

Hey! Welcome to canna, and nice to meet you!


Good to have you! :)

That's a very nice backroll. I'm still learning them. I got interested in that honey thinb as well and plan to try it out myself but I guess your friend does have a point with the sugar crystals. But what is healthy now days? Just having any kind of Smoke in our lungs is not good for the lungs. But I'm gona try it anyway. It looks fun.


lol. Well, some smoke indeed is good for the throat. Like thyme or ginseng or other herbs. I am not even fully sure about natural tobacco. Should be fine also, I guess. That is a good question, actually. Smoking is used in many healing rituals. I really wonder now. I guess it has to do with the amount. I definetly smoke what people would call "too often". :D

But that would make an interesting research …


True. Smoke has been used in many ancient tribal rituals for all kinds of purposes. For instance healing or spiritual traveling. I don't know about the throat but smoke in the lungs is I belive not the best idea. If I could I would probably switch to edibles to stop smoking but since I can't, Oh well. I'll die one day anyway.

oh awesome ! and such a cool gif :-)

Hallöchen erstmal es ist total Unvernünftig seinen Joint mit Honig zu zukleben, und vor allem dies auf eine art zu Empfehlen.
"Denn es besteht Gefahr für Leib und Leben"
Es kann zu Risse in den Lungen führen da sich beim erhitzen der Zucker verflüssigt und beim abkühlen in der Lunge sich ablegt und sich verfestigt.
Dann ein Husten krampf und schon hat man risse in der Lunge, was echt Lebens gefährlich ist.
Also bitte bitte macht das auf gar keinen Fall nach, und ratet bitte jeden davon ab der es vor hat zu machen!!!
Damit ist nicht zu Spaßen!!!!
Viele Liebe Grüße and Happy 420


obviously you didn't read this post. But thanks for commenting in a language that noone understands here …