Here it is: The POTLALA Review!

5 months ago

Mournful salute and reverence,
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


Here is my review of the
#MailOrder #Marijuana service

Pros: They serve most of the USA and Canada
You can use #cryptocurrency to purchase,
choose between #Bitcoin, #Litecoin,
#Ether ( #Ethereum ) and
even your debit/credit card


Cons: The site barely lists strains as either
Indica, Sativa or Hybrid,
No THC or CBD concentration offered.
The weed sucks, so does the customer service,
so did the shipping delays.
They waited a full day with my order in limbo,
before they canceled it for no reason.
Then, when I contacted them, refused
to pay me back at first, until I showed them
I knew my rights as a consumer and THEY
HAD to replace the out of stock item
with an item of EQUAL or HIGHER VALUE!


       out of this one?!!  Goddamn THIEVES!  STAY AWAY
       at ALL COSTS!  Prices are too high anyways...


YOU get MUCH BETTER SERVICE & QUALITY by ordering from

Love is the Law, love under will,
The Reverend Maelstrohm Black

#MOM #weed #mailorder #cannabis #potlala #crypto

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Thanks for the Review. I am also very very happy with The best cannabis in the World so far.... (other than my homegrown)


Agreed that I have yet to find as good and as convenient as MyKush!


Your upvote is dust away from being worth 4.20!!! :P

This is probably shop made by someone that doesn't really have knowledge in the cannabis field, but taking the initiative on the ever-rising market. Hope they get their shit together and give more information about what they are selling lol


Indeed! I also hope they STOP TRYING TO STEAL CRYPTO from those less savvy customers! GODDAMN THIEVES!!!

Thanks for the review, Any site that says they ship uss and Canada is a huge red flag


I still got the weed, 4 days late, across the border... It was such shitty filler weed that it exactly ended it's life filling, so I would extend the better weed. It was such a poor strain, aroma wise, that it could literally be added to anything. At least, the burn was clean...


I am shocked you got it so that is really good that way.


Thanks for the upsmoke.