☮☮🔥Late night session Silver Haze + Hawaiian Haze concentrate YEEE BUDDY! 🔥☮☮

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10 months ago


Silver Haze

I can't say I have smoked enough Jack to give a truly accurate rating, but I can say one thing... This shit hits hard. Two hits off of this strain and it left me feeling numb with a full body high.  This stuff is almost overkill. I said, almost...Jack Diesel is a serious sativa lover's dream strain. Very airy mental stimulation, pleasant energy increase, and very subtle fading as it wears off. I could smoke this all day, it's that clean of a buzz. 

One of my favorite things about this strain is the fact that there is virtually no stem left after you break it up it's just pure nug! I love the random bits of purple as well. Idk why but for me when I see purple in any nugs I just think YUP this is good bud lol 

 So starting the night off right with a big ol hog leg, I used my favorite papers RAW all day!! I have been a long time smoker and have smoked sooooo many brands of papers RAW being the one I stuck with. Can't taste the harsh paper like you can with some other brands like jobs, "some" zig~zags, gambler, top, and 90% of the rest of em lol Not that RAW is the only one I smoke, I smoke all sorts just RAW being my preferred paper. 

Hawaiian Haze concentrate

So after attacking that joint solo I had to take a trip over to my cousins house for a nice dab sesh, check this stuff out!!! Processed and cured by the man, the myth, the LEGEND KYchen himself. A mostly sativa strain that produces some high-quality sativa effects. A mix of Hawaiian and Haze genetics, this strong concentrate will have your head in the clouds. Many stoners also say that it makes them sociable and talkative, so it may be a good daytime medication which I agree with 100%.  


 I was immediately impressed by the nice, comfortable, even high this sesh delivered. I had to share some with my girlfriend to see how she would react. Her first response was, "I feel all tingly I don't know why but we both went into a ten minute laughing fit. Giggling like a teenager when I'm high isn't something I'm used to experiencing lol. So I guess I would describe the feeling as "uplifting" for the most part. I reached the point where I knew that if I went much further I would no longer be having fun. It really didn't take much to get that intense head buzz, I'll keep that in mind next time. My overall impression, this is how good pot should feel.   

Here is a shot before he roped it up for the sesh, looking super beautiful almost like some gold silly puddy I had when I was a kid haha The stuff in the back I'm not 100% sure but I believe it was Sour OG 

This here is the main reason he wanted me to come over. BRAND NEW RIG!!!!! YEEEE HAAAA lol So we sat and took a few globbers and yes I coughed my balls off for about 10 mins after lol "one of the main reasons I don't do videos of my dab sessions"  Idk if it's just because I'm a puss but I DIE every time I do dabs lol my cousin legit has lungs of steel he just hits it like a damn pro and blows huge clouds me on the other hand am lucky if I get away with only coughing for 5 mins after lol but for me "if you cough you get off" lol always seem like I get much higher if I do die lol

After we sat and chilled for a while he came out with his old rig and passed it down to me I guess it's a new family heirloom!! haha Today was a win win for me, free glass and I got stoned to the bone!!! Shout out to my cuz KYchen for the hammy down haha I also took a few minutes to show him Smoke.io and of course after seeing what all the fuss was about is now in the process of joining!! Looking forward to it he is a huge weed connoisseur like myself  and is a long time cultivator and knows his shit when it comes to making concentrates and edibles. 

Thank's for stopping in and checking out my post I hope you all enjoyed it and as always ladies and gents STAY BEAUTIFUL and smoke on!!! 

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oh man.. in wich planet you go after smoke that large cigarret???' :S :S woow my panik go to the moon hahaha


My tolerance is really high I smoke a LOT of weed lol it's pretty easy for me to toke a full joint to the head and not be super ripped so I need a pretty fat doobie to do the job right haha

Wowza.. That looks delish.. Sure know how to make me well jell.


true that! He is beast at making concentrates he's pretty well known for it in my group of connects, he will be posting soon I'm sure you will meet him, he is waiting acc approval super cool guy real down to earth. Thank's for stopping by @stoner! ☮☮☮

That Hawaiian Haze concentrate looks amazing, we never get exclusive stuff like that over here in Norway. I can actually get dabs here since I am well connected, but nothing like that! 😮


We can find top shelf product here just about anywhere you go being that it is a legal state as of a few months ago I'm sure it will only get easier as well, I wish everyone had access to quality product like this stuff it really is an amazing medicine! Thanks for stopping in @xtetrahedron.

dank shots,those dabs look amazing! Im not big on concentrates but that looks so good id have to give it atry.

is it rosin?


BHO ran thru a closed loop system, super dank stuff for sure. I'm with you on not being a huge extract fan but with this stuff I just can say no lmao The way this stuff looked was pretty amazing the photos don't do it justice in person it's like porn lol

oh my gosh he knows how to sesh like a master ...


Many years of practice haha it's a family tradition out here! lol