Wookies Strain Review

6 months ago

Here we have come across yet another #Cookies hybrid, but this time with one of the most unique and complex odors. Resulting from a combination of Girl Scout Cookies (#GSC) X White '91 this strain packs a powerful #Kush punch while still delivering on smell and taste.

Light green in color, these popcorn buds are dense but not overly so. Extremely sticky and resinous, like many other #Indica strains, you definitely need a good grinder to get the most out of your smoke.

The smell is just perplexing! A cross of fuel and citrus/pine cleaning fluid with a touch of licorice at the end. Subtle notes of fresh carpet and rubber. It tingles the nose and has a lingering sensation upon exhaling the fresh flowers.

A handful will last quite a while since these buds are much heavier than they look. This strain has fantastic potency as well so beware if you have low tolerance.

Some of the flowers also had bits of purple to them which was a nice touch!

Most of the nugs were smaller than what I am used to seeing but don't let their size fool you! Good things come in small packages.

The smell is definitely the best part of this strain's arsenal followed by its hard-hitting classic Kush stone. With small dense buds it may not look overly impressive but this strain won't let you down. It has a strong couch-lock and complete body high.

Be prepared to not get a whole lot done after smoking a few bong rips of this strain. The overall effect is quite sedative and cloudiness can set in quickly. Food is a must after smoking Wookies and you will most likely raid the closest fridge (if you can stand up).

Smell: 9.5

Taste: 8.6

Appearance: 8.0

Effects: 9.1

Cannabis Variety:


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Perfect review and great choice of pictures to illustrate the smell, taste, appearance and effects.
I hadn't seen before any of your posts/reviews and it will be a nice read for the next hour.
Keep up with the quality reviews and i will keep up with the upvotes on your posts 😊💚


Thanks man I really appreciate that! I try to put out only high quality content so sometimes it takes me a few days or weeks to get stuff together.

Another master class review. You could also consider reviewing some shatters , cannabis infused edibles in future (as and when you use them in your life ) and let this be a go to place for any cannabis expert review 😍


I would love to do some professional reviews one day but for now I have to support my blog entirely myself and it can get quite expensive :-D

One day the dream may come true haha!

That's one of my favorites!
And the review is good, looking for more like that!

Smoke on!


This is my first time seeing Wookies actually and I have to say it is a pretty decent hybrid :-D

Nice do you know where I can buy the seeds for this strain?


Google my friend...


I am more interested where you bought yours from?
I can google and I'm pretty familiar with all the seedbanks, but I've been doing research by asking people where they got seeds from to try and discover some of the more underground seedbanks that I'm not familiar with yet.
Thanks though

Very good and very detailed review on this one. The nugs looks tinny but mighty. I love the colorful veriety on it. From green, brown and purple. Very beautiful.


Never judge a bud by its size LOL

Amazing as always!


Thanks brotha!

Nice, looks very similar to the Wookies I got. I'm enjoying this strain very much!


Excellent specimen indeed.

I wish that smell could come through, but it's a 10 on appearance for me!