Tropicanna Punch Strain Review

6 months ago

Yet another fantastic looking and smelling power packed strain! This plant's genetics are a result of Tropicanna Cookies X Purple Punch. What we ended up with is a very balanced yet hard-hitting hybrid of epic proportions.

At first glance you will notice the hints of purple strewn throughout this bud. The frost has a slight amber tinge to it and the hairs are fully matured, indicating that it was harvested at optimum ripeness.

Beautiful spear shaped buds that also have a nice roundness and medium density to them. Not too compact nor too fluffy which makes it extremely easy to break up.

These nugs are just bursting with juicy berry aromas! From blueberry jam to sweet fruit tart, the smell is complex and intoxicating. Just a bit of lingering #Kush scent comes through in the background with a slight earthiness on the finish.

Definitely some of the prettiest buds I have seen in a long time. They are perfectly trimmed and cured.

This bud in particular was my favorite from the lot :-D

A seemingly perfectly balanced hybrid that I was quite impressed with- Tropicanna Punch did not disappoint. Everything from the smell, taste, appearance and even the rare purple phenotype was there. The smoke is extremely smooth and clean burning with a mellow exhale.

The effects are a nice combination of stoniness and cerebral stimulation without too much drowsiness or couch-lock. The uplifting fruitiness also lends to it's energetic high unlike many #Indica dominant strains from the #Cookies family, which was a surprise. Overall an amazing strain that will surely become more popular over the coming years.

Smell: 9.4

Taste: 8.5

Appearance: 9.2

Effects: 9.0

Cannabis Variety:


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Hell yeah man thanks for the info. Hopefully we can keep it up and bring some attention to this platform over the coming year.

Wow. Stoners wasn't kidding. You really do impressive strain reviews. Following.
That tropic punch looks amazing. I love seeing buds who exhibit colors asides from green and brown.


Yeah I love exotic looking strains. Wait til you see my next strain review after the Wookies :-D!


Can't wait to see it ✌️

Good score.


It is definitely up there LOL

Your #nugporn photos are amazing. Upsmoked and resmoked.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate that.

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Funny how my ACEH strategy actually paid off 😂😂