Cookies 99 Strain Review

2 years ago

The tremendously popular Cookies strain has been around for a while now on the west coast and the hybrids just keep coming. This particular plant's genetics are a bit harder to track down, but it should be a cross of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) x Cinderella 99 (C99) x a third unknown strain. An almost purely Indica dominant phenotype has resulted with large dense nugs.

The unmistakable Kush smell permeates from these rock hard buds as soon as you open the jar. Single buds can weigh up to an eighth very easily with this super dense bad boy.

Another trait this strain has is extremely high resin content so it makes breaking it up a much harder task. I prefer to use a grinder for times like this in order to get a more even consistency while smoking.

Well manicured, it gives these buds a much better appearance. The pine tree shaped buds are very visually appealing to the eye.

Not overly frosty from the outside this strain has the classic sticky Kush resin that the GSC parent strain imparts. What it lacks in sparkle it more than makes up for in its effects.

A handful is enough to roll around ten blunts! Be careful though- #Cookies99 has quite the couch lock high.

An exemplary nug to examine :-D!

For those #Kush lovers out there this is the strain for you. The smell, taste and effect are all classic Indica with just the slightest hint of fruit. The terpene profile tends to lean on the lighter almost citrusy and piney side.

The smoke is smooth and calming with the effects slowly building as soon as you exhale. The high is mildly euphoric with a more mellowing and sedating effect. Great for sleep and appetite stimulation, this plant has an almost narcotic feel to it in high doses. Much like other #Indica dominant strains this one can cause some mental cloudiness at times.

Smell: 8.1

Taste: 7.2

Appearance: 8.5

Effects: 9.3

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Those buds look nice and compact - they do look rock-hard, I'll have to give that one a try. The only strain I ever felt weird about smoking was Girlscout Cookies strain lol but I smoked it :)


These are the most dense buds I have seen in a while. If you have ever had Platinum OG this is the same density.


Love that dense bud!

Your bud reviews are underrated and deserve some love!


Thank you very much :)!

Munchies alert!
Nice pictures and great review!
Looking up for more reviews like that!
And of course, that weed... wish could try it right now!....!!!!


I appreciate it. I am very lucky to be on the green coast here :-D

Top class review , I also liked how you explained it for each human senses 😅


His reviews are some the best around. Wanna push to see him do more of them


I hope to put out more soon. I have another one lined up ASAP and should have a new one to photograph in a day or two...

The images next to grades at the bottom of the post are hilarious.
Why do all the strains that have cookie in name have to look so delitious?

Dope, got me floating along.

Nice! I got some wookies! GSC x White 91.


That is so funny you said that! I literally JUST got a little bit of that same strain right now...
Gonna do a review on it sometime in the next week :P