IRIE Extra Light Hemp Papers & White Widow Buds + Super Wolf Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

5 months ago


Smooth mouthfuls of the sweet White Widow spliff - Rolled Up with an IRIE Extra Light Hemp Paper - from "Mamma Jamma Bonus Pack". Had a chance to enjoy the Super Wolf Blood Moon this past Sunday - captured some pictures of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

White Widow 60/40 Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

White Widow is covered with long white crystals that clump together like an icing. The spindly bright orange hairs covered with crystals remind me of spider legs. THC content is 16.3%, CBD content is 0.07%. Bright and sweet tomato sauce flavor on exhale. With a light citrus lemon-lime, pine, and cannabis taste in the background. The full bodied White Widow smoke is a mouthful - with plenty of terps to make the inside of the mouth tingle.


The White Widow buds have a sweet tomato sauce - with a touch of lemon and earthy cannabis scent.


IRIE Extra Light Hemp Papers

Breaking out the IRIE Extra Light Hemp pack of papers for this White Widow bud roll up.
This is the Mama Jama Bonus Pack with 64 x 1-1/4 length rolling papers. There's a bonus Sticker Inside! - only 62 more papers to go - "Interleaved and Creased for Easy Rolling".


White Widow buds chopped up - tasty looking kief crystals on the tray. You can see the sheerness of the paper on the pack below. The inside cover can be seen even clearer when I press down on the paper - near transparent with white hemp hairs evenly strengthening it - "Slow Burning".


"Stuff Me - Roll Me - Smoke Me" - IRIE's parent company is Allied Tobacco - Rolling Supreme. These papers were "Produced in China with thin European Hemp Paper".


The White Widow spliff is Stuffed, Rolled, Ready for Smoking...

Super Wolf Moon and Approaching Lunar Eclipse

Super Moon is when the moon is passing close to the earth - the moon appears larger, more details can be seen. The Super Moon appears largest and slightly orange when it is close to the horizon. The first full moon of the year is called the Wolf Moon - see the first picture below. As a side note, a Blue Moon is when you have two full moons in a month, like on the 1st and the 29th - the second full moon for the month is called a Blue Moon. A Lunar Eclipse is when the earth passes in between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the sunlight that normally reflects off the moon.


It takes a little more than two hours for the full lunar eclipse to occur, then another couple hours for the earth's shadow to move back off of the moon. In the last picture above you can see one-third of the moon being eclipsed by the earth's shadow. The second picture above shows just before the eclipse begins - notice the flare out of light around the moon is absent from where the earth's shadow is approaching.

The Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon

When the moon is being eclipsed from the sun's rays by the earth, it has a red tint to it - the Blood Moon. In the pictures below you can see the progression to the full Blood Moon. Unfortunately the red isn't as brilliant in the pictures and may be hard to see on some devices, there was a little overcast by then - and with the -27C (-17F) temperature, there was a light frost raining down from the air. The eclipse started at 9:36PM EST - Sunday Jan 20, 2019. The full Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon was at 12:12AM EST - Monday Jan 21, 2019. By 2:48AM EST, the earth's shadow was no longer cast onto the moon - the eclipse had ended.


Often the astrological events can't be seen from where I am, clouds make it difficult, or I forget. I was happy to witness and capture some of this special lunar eclipse.


It was -27C (-17F) that night - the Lunar Eclipse and White Widow spliff were a nice distraction.

Powerful smoke, left some in the bowl for later. Plenty of creative and happy energy with these White Widow buds - cheerful and bubbly. A solid body buzz with a lot of interesting feels in different places. Entertaining, energetic, outgoing - an enjoyable daytime buzz.

Source: White Widow Strain Review


The IRIE brand Extra Light Hemp Papers burned clean, all I could taste were the sweet White Widow buds. Take care rolling, these papers are extra thin. With 64 papers in this bonus Mamma Jamma pack, I'll be rolling with these IRIE papers until the next Wolf Moon.

Have a great day!

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awesome post. Like for the moon. Bet it was great experience, I never thought of catching the moon in full, like e weedwolf, smoke one...

White widow is a classic. I would recommend it to everybody that starts or wanna try for first time


Thanks - the White Widow's gentle and sweet - for sure a good choice for first timers. The blood moon cool to see - it seems like the last time I was able to see a cool event in the skies was the meteor showers back in '92/93 - that one i did also enjoy with weed :)

Beautiful post :) Top quality camera you got there. Love the moon. I don't get the "blood" part :P Looks like pale yellow to me :D


Thanks - the super moon when near the horizon looks yellow to me, but when the lunar eclipse was happening it looked red to me. If ya google blood moon images, they have better red color pictures :) - i do see some pale yellow on the edges of those pics.


True, I've seen pics but never got to see it for real. I wasn't referring to your pics but in general rather:)

This is a pretty sweet post. The buds look amazing. W just what you would expect from WW. Together with the lunar eclipse must have made for a pretty cool smoke session. Wow, it gets down to - 27 there?! I think I would go mental with that cold. I hate the winters here thst get -8 perhaps. But - 27 would be too much for me.

Getting a sticker with your papers is pretty cool! I saw part of the eclipse but did not make it all the way to it being covered. It was late by the time that happened and I was in bed. Thanks for sharing the pictures you were able to get!

Great photos JacK! I wonder If you saw the moon so clear because you went elsewhere. I mean those are some clear @$$ shots. White Widow always a great strain. I haven't seen that here. The strains come and go. The one I really miss is Pennywise. It was a high CBD, High THC strain. maybe they'll come back here in Nevada in Spring. Although not sure how that works to be honest. Well I hope you a nd the family had fun on your weekend get away and got some R&R. Much Luv


Thanks - those ones i didn't do from my cell phone, they're with my pocket camera - Canon PowerShot SX620HS. The 25x optical zoom helps get me closer, and it has better auto lighting adjust than the cell phone. With my cell phone it would just be a big ball of light. I saw your capture of the starting eclipse in the start of the last video you posted - it shows the red color much better than mine. Pennywise haha like the clown from the movie IT - high THC and CBD does sound nice. Late nights but lots of fun watching movies, playing cards, smokin buds, and checking out the moon :)

I was growing White Widow for two years straight. Six or seven times in a row. Very generous strain, never disappointed.


Nice, i'm thinking this will be one of the strains i grow this coming summer, i'd enjoy it as a staple bud.

Nice shot of the bloody moon.. Here in Spain, the moon is always big especially when its fullmoon... they tend to be closer to us all the time... Yes, I´ve seen the bloody moon yesterday when I walk the dog between 5:30 AM and 6:00 AM.. As we live in the mountains in Andalucia, we always have starry nights.

I will buy some White widow seeds, I saw it in the catalog at the grow shop.... Cheers!