Afternoon Pipe Tokes with MR. PINK 80/20 sativa dominant - Smooth Energy, Focused Mind, Cushion Behind the Eyes

8 months ago


Had some afternoon pipe tokes with Mr. Pink sativa buds in the sunshine. Energetic, euphoric effects, front of the brain cushion, and a well focused mind - smooth energy. Interesting sweet and sour cream cheese with brown sugar skunk flavor.

MR. PINK sativa dominant

The Mr. Pink 80/20 sativa dominant strain was brought to realization with the crossing of the Pink Lady and Purple Kush strains. This strain is named after the "Mr. Pink" character played by Steve Buscemi - from the 1992 "Reservoir Dogs" movie (Source). These Mr. Pink buds have 20% THC.


Mr. Pink Looks

There are vibrant dark and light greens, mats of spindly orange pistils, and an ample coating of light amber trichomes on these resinous Mr. Pink buds. Not too compressed, i'll give them a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale.


Mr. Pink Scent

The Mr. Pink buds have a sweet and sugary mac & cheese scent to them - sweet dank and bright terpenes.


Mr Pink. Effects (Source)

Effects - Cerebral, Giggly, Sociable. May Relieve - Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Stress.


Metal Pipe for Tokes

Classic metal smoke pipe for the Mr. Pink tokes.


Mr. Pink buds split


Bowl Packed


Bowl Blazed


Mr. Pink Flavor

5:55PM was the First Toke... Sweet, skunky, slightly spicy lemon-lime pine and cheese and brown sugar flavor - sweet citrus terpene and pine aftertaste. Mind relaxing, front of the brain cushioned. Mind relaxing and tingling, cheeks and brow numbing. Smooth energy in the chest and body, lightly cushioned, nicely buzzing.


Mr. Pink Effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Second Toke... Sweet and slightly sour lemon-lime pine terpenes, creamy brown sugar with a slight skunky spice - mouth dried slightly from the terpenes, sip of water. Eye lids relaxing, cushioned behind the eyes - euphoria bubbling up from the solar plexus, mind well focused. Sip of water, Third Toke... Sweet and slightly sour lemon-lime pine, creamy, light skunk spice - chest tingling. Upper cheeks numbing from the perma-grin.


10 Minutes After First Toke...

Perma-grin, front of the head and behind the eyes well cushioned, mind relaxed. Body cushioned and energetic, energy lightly buzzing in the chest - euphoric energy, smooth. Eye lids relaxed and puffy. Fourth Toke... Creamy and bright lemon-lime pine terpenes with that light skunk spice - the flavors are darkening, smooth.


15 Minutes After First Toke...

Front of the brain, behind the eyes well cushioned, numbed - balanced and decently focused mind, smooth euphoric energy. Citrus aftertaste, excellent buzz for getting to work on some afternoon outdoor projects.


2-1/2 Hours After First Toke...

Energetic, euphoric, solid front of the brain cushion, and a well focused mind with the Mr. Pink buds - smooth energy. Interesting sweet and sour, cream cheese, brown sugar, and skunk flavor - i'll be saving these energetic buds in the morning and afternoon smoke sessions.

Have a great day!

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Love Reservoir Dogs. Mr pink is definitely a killer so I bet the strain is as well.


Smooth euphoric energy, cushioned behind the eyes .. cult classic movie, one of terantinos first big movies - Mr. Pink was my favorite character in it :)

I never watched that movie. Ill put the bud and movie on my list.


Intense and graphic movie, this Mr. Pink is a smooth sativa dominant - interesting flavors too :)

Mr' Pink looks gooood, those hairs...amazing photography!

Playing the Violin-Pipe Ser? ;)


Thanks - the smoke pipe's a finely tuned instrument :)


It is indeed, senior Vivaldi it is indeed.

Cheesy pink would be a worthy try for me in that rough and attractive metal pipe

My guess is this would be a hot one. I have never seen this type before. Wow! Can't wait to have it feels.