The Challenge Cone And Other RAW Rolling Papers

4 months ago

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The RAW Challenge Cone

Before leaving Spain and following the review of rollings papers (made in Spain) posted by @jackdub, I went down the coast to inspect what Diego has in his Grow Shop. When I entered his shop, Diego was all smiles and told me he had reviewed Community and said he liked it very much that he will soon register as soon as he has the time.

I told him what the purpose of my visit was was the rolling papers made in Spain and he showed me what he had in stock. The choices were many, first and foremost... the RAW products. I have noticed above his shelf a couple of RAW Challenge Cones that were so monstrous at 2 feet long. The Challenge Cone was so huge that you would need 2.5 oz of weeds to roll. It would be a brightful stoner event of about 25 people or more. Depending how stark the strain is 1 or 2 tokes could bring you down. A pack of the Challenge Cone costs around 20 Euros/ 22 USD. Other online shops sell at about 30 USD and the pack includes a special packing tool. My guess is... the puffin´buddies should be strong enough to able to toke max. twice if the weed used is a great stuff.

Challenge Cone.jpg
At Diego´s Dispensary & Grow Shop in Spain

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RAW Background Story

RAW Rolling Paper was originally invented in Alcoy, Spain. They were large folded sheets tied with a string- The string on the RAW logo represents our deep connection to 400 years, 20 generations, of rolling passion

RAW is made with passion in the town where rolling paper was first invented in 1650 by people who can trace their lineage back to the originasl inventors.

Reference: You can read more info here.

The Classic Supernatural RAW 12 Inch-paper

Getting more deeper on the RAW papers, he also showed me the 12 inch ones and just for comparison, it´s half the size of the Challenge Cone and has 20 sheets a pack. Maybe about 7 -to 8 people could enjoy the joint and of course, depending on how many tokes one takes and how strong the strain used.


Price of each normal paper pack is affordable and ranges between 2 - 2.50 Euros/2.28 - 2.84 -USD

raw 4.jpg
This pack has 32 sheets and 24 pre-rolled tips.

raw 2.jpg

raw 5.jpg

raw black.jpg

Raw Black is the thinnest natural unbleached rolling paper ever made. The unique artisan paper is so thin that it is virtually flavorless and allows you to truly taste your smoke at a never before experienced level.

raw 3.jpg
Freebie Rawling Mat.... roll your joint like a sushi!

That´s it for today... gonna have to try these when I am settled being back at homebase.

Up next ...... Kingpin blunts and Juicy jay´s and co.banner125.jpg

Stay awesome stoners and keep puffin´ for a high!

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I saw this the other day at the local headshop when I was there, It is huge that is for sure. RAW papers for the win, They are always my go to paper I also will not smoke papers like zigzags and bleach papers


It is still best to pay more for quality papers...bleached ones might affect the taste of the strain...roll papers made of natural and organic materials are still the best.


It really is, smoking weed is bad enough for my lungs let alone who know what in some papers

I don't know how much hash would I need to have to put it into that huge cone..Looks like whole plant might fit in..


I mentioned in the post about 2.5 oz of weed.. for about 25 stoners .. a whole party indeed! Great stuff noh..


Or 2.5 oz weed with 2 people and smoke 1.25 yourselves 🤣


Lol, or you won´t wake up for 3 days !!!

It's a great collection @indaymers. Try to buy for me when you are coming back in our country. I hope that we will be together and see each other and you must bring a gift about cannabis. Your post is so good.
Maybe you will spend your vacation next year and we have to discuss about cannabis.

Keep up the good work


Yes....will get doc's prescription on medicinal cannabis so we are both legal in the country... hahaha

Orayt😅😅😅 @indaymers let's call our friends and circle jerk with that 2 ft long when we get back to Manila, am sure it'll made the day see yah!


Surely, it´ll be fun to do it... would be lovely when all friends gather in an event...

Nice to see you made it to the smoke shop - RAW is top quality, sounds like they have a long tradition with papers. I hadn't heard why they have that string tied around the pack, now I know why. Yeah those cone challenge paper are wild - i'd have to be having a huge get together or be smoking on that cannon for a month. I haven't tried those black thin papers yet, i'll have to soon - it's a classy pack with the 32 leaves gold foil :)


Yeah, do make a review.. I got the pack now, so I have to try that one soon... would be anxious on your post on that RAW black! See you around. Thanks.

These giant skinz are surely a novelty item, I don't know if i'd ever want to load one with that much weed! Although, of course would love to try - just because they're there


Indeed they are my friend. I am anxious to try that monster! Thanks that you dropped-by. Keep puffin´for a high!