The Bubble Gum Strain - A Personal Review

9 months ago


Hey Stoners!

One of the pitfalls of cannabis growing is the problem involved especially if your plant is infected with molds. I grew the Bubble Gum strain on my top terrace as I couldn´t set-up a grow tent inside the house for lack of space. Last Summer, this strain got a mildew all over its leaves during the final stage of its veg, but I was able to eradicate it with a self-concocted organic spray containing baking soda and water. The bush grew healthy afterwards, harvested the buds and it went on a curing stage.

bubble gum clone.jpeg

I am glad it survived that mold attack on the leaves without its quality suffering from it. This week, I got the time to sample this strain.

bubble gum.jpeg


Appearance, smell and taste

The nugs are very good looking and soft or fluffy, so greenish in color. Those coppery-colored trichomes are plenty as you can see in the photo. The strong pungent but sweet and earthy scent easily reached my nostrils and smelled an herbal-like aroma and yeah, that bubble gum taste! It´s no wonder the breeder called it Bubble Gum.


This strain is mostly indica, with THC content between 17-19%. The grower where I got the clones from has the mother plants grown in their labs and everyone has the chance to see the plants from the outside of the shop since they are displayed in a huge window along the main road.



The paper used here is called Elements , King size rice paper with 33 leaves in the pack. It is made in Spain and is exactly the size of the joint rolling tool.




After the first two tokes, one could easily feel the numbness in the is very relaxing and it could change your mood and become cheerful. You could feel the creativeness in you. I was surprised that I didn´t get a headache... although there is a slight dizziness , I felt I needed to do something. I would recommend to puff this late afternoon where you need the feel to relax after a day´s work.


Wishing you a nice Wednesday ahead... Keep puffin´ for a high!

All images in this post are my own.

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Would you please send me one roll? I want to forget the world today. I want to become high and forget the pain in the deepest chamber of my heart. Im hurted with the lost of my mother. I want to forget all the pain.


I am so sorry about the loss of your mom... my deepest sympathy to you and your family. I have heard that you can´t exit Saudi Arabia atm and come back again later.... because you will be denied entrance regarding the corona virus... it hurts that you won´t be able to see her for the last time in her funeral. But such is life, she didn´t suffer and went to sleep forever. My thoughts are with you ..

Oh my! How lucky your are @indaymers! To live in a place where you can do what you want with your grows. and sample them with gusto.. Great job my dear. I wish you can send some of those in a little pouch perhaps? Just askin' lols.!


Lol, you might end in tokhang from Du30 troops.... hahaha

@Groot likes Bubble Gum:) Nice outdoor plant BTW:D


Thank you dear @Groot ...

Nice work.. some dank looking nugs there 🤟
Love the turtle joint holder ash tray..
Thats the bomb-digitty
Toke on


Thanks for dropping by.... The turtle ashtray is vintage and had been a hand-down from mom in-law... she didn´t smoke but her hubby did.

I'm chewing the bubble gum hahaha,,, nice to see smoke in the air😁


Glad to see you back...