The Blunt... Hemp Wrap... And Rolling Paper

7 months ago


Hey Stoners!

Today, I made a review differentiating the taste of the Bubble Gum strain when puffed with a Blunt wrap, or rolled using Hemp wrap and the classical joint made with ultra thin paper. Here, I used Juicy´s Black Russian Blunt Wrap , Juicy´s Hemp Wrap and the Ultrafine paper from Marie.

The Bubble Gum strain.... you can check my review here.


The Juicy Blunt Wrap - Its Characteristics

Juicy`s Black Russian Blunt wraps pack came with 2 wraps carefully protected in plastic sheet each for easy rolling as well as for puposes of protecting the wraps from drying out. Juicy Blunts are manufactured from the leaves of tobacco and therefore very aromatic.

In the early days, the stoners used to empty a real cigar by cutting it , removing the tobacco content and replaced it with marijuana. Nowadays, there are lots of wraps available in the market produced even with different flavors. Juicy Wraps are known to be enhanced with aromas under a special process called triple dip flavoring system. And each pack is sealed and remains fresh until its time to use it.



In my view, the blunt wrap lasted longer than the joint as it burned slowly and you don´t have to light it many times. Compared to a joint you´ll get to enjoy the puffs even longer. But, there is a disadvantage in my opinion... the sweet taste of the wrap (according to flavor chosen), mixes up with taste of the weed. You can´t get the real taste of the strain.... In the end, I think it is the preference of the smoker whether he likes the mixture of both flavors and the aroma combined.


I got these blunts/wraps from my local Tabak (tobacco) shop for 1.20 Euros...the shop has papers and wraps of all sorts. Ironically, I was surprised by the fact that of all places where they were manufactured, the wraps were produced in the Philippines where Pres. Duterte prohibits the use of drugs and has been known to be accused of extrajudicial killings by his opponents on drug-related issues.


Each pack has two blunts/wraps covered with plastic sheet and has a plastic stick that holds the wrap in shape, the stick should also help push the weed inside the blunt to make it densed. The Juicy has a closure that would keep the blunt from drying out when in storage.



The Hemp Wrap, what it is....

It is a wrap, the paper used of which is made from hemp and usually does not contain additives or nicotine except for its enhanced flavor. It is much healthier and is a good alternative to the Blunt Wrap. It also burns smoothly and slowly. And as I have said, the flavor of each wrap, does not justify the real flavor of the weed and therefore, I would still prefer to use the rolling paper to make my Js.



Rolling a J with the tool and Ultrafine Marie Rolling Paper

In the end, I would still opt for the rolling paper, however thin it maybe, it is more enjoyable to puff. I´ve used the king size Ultrafine Paper from Marie with 13.8g/m2 and has 34 leaves , it´s made in Austria. Its quality is as equal to that of Smoking or OCB Slim.


How about you, what is your preference in rolling your weed?

It´s weekend....keep puffin´ for a high!


All images in this post are my own
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Im imagining the aroma while smoking. This is very salivating and my urgency of wanting it.What caught up myeyes is not just the roll that lighted but the the shoe-shape ashtray made mu eyeballs round. Nice sharing. Have a nice day @indaymers


Thanks @lawlai... the shoe ashtray had been a souvenir from Amsterdam the first time I was there many decades ago. I can understand what you are feeling now. Thanks for dropping by.

Rolls... I remember when I was just a kid, I am envious by the men in our house smoking those Marlboro, I don't have an access to taste it because it is locked somewhere so I took the onion skinned bond papers and rolled up the avocado leaves along with the tobacco and the taste it the bitterest of all the bitters in life hahaha... good job ate @indaymers for sharing your wraps.


Lol, I can imagine that, we as kids liked to experiment most of the it was a big adventure in life trying to prove we were smart. Thanks for sharing your nice little story.

Would love to try that Black Russian! Another awesome post @indaymers 😊 Congratulations 💚


Yeah, try it.. but do not buy it from a dispensary because the prices might be horrendously expensive. Try to ask at your local tobacco shop. Thanks for dropping-by.

Testing with each wrap as to which is which will definitely make you decide on what to purchase next. But what amazed me was the place where it came from and how it was approved by the licensing authorities in the Philippines. Any idea?


It´s a huge industry in the Philippines and these wraps have been in production long before Duterte came to office and beside it´s an export product. There are only two known country manufacturers of such wraps in the world and these are The Philippines and the Dominican Republic. Don´t forget the Philippines is known for its tobacco industry and that is why you´ll hear that Philip Morris and other known tobacco companies have long been existing in the country since long long time ago.


That is true, but in my case, I already purchased and hoarded... hahaha , even the roll papers are under the hodl status... How was the grow you started?

black russian... very interesting :D