New Stainless Steel Grinder And My Vintage Rolling Tool

last year

The Grinder


When I came back to homebase beginning of March , I visited my kiosk nearby and discovered so many tools for smokers. One of them is this stainless grinder that is made by Zorr. It weighs 120 grams and has solid teeth that ease the grinding process of nugs...


In my opinion, this is a qualitative grinder that every smoker could afford. It´s manufacturer Zorr produces various grinders according to the budget and taste of each one. And because it is heavy duty inside, it can easily grind the nugs. This is dishwasher safe and I am sure that this will last a while.




cover 7.jpg


The Vintage Rolling Tool

This is my 30 year-old rolling tool.. and it may not be shiny anymore because it is already old now. I first got it in the late 80s and I still find it very useful to roll the Js.



It consist of two parts, the metal part is the tube where the rolling paper is inserted and then filled with ground nugs. The wooden stick places the paper properly in the tube by simply pushing it in.


Once the paper is filled with the ground nugs, the tube can be closed, the fillers can be pushed thru the wooden stick to make the Js compressed and more thicker, the tube can be opened once more, filled and then finally close the Js and seal the paper.


The Js can be easily prepared in advance if you want to save time and if you want them to be in uniform sizes.


How do you find this tool? I surely would love to read your opinion!


Keep puffin´ for a high !

Banner courtesy of @li-art

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I am a fan of antiques, things that was from years ago and I like how you handled your old device and still useful, but yeah your new grinder from Zorr looks cool.


Yeah, I value vintage things and don't throw them away even if a modern one is available in the market.. I guess it has something to do with nostalgic moments to think that in those days such simple tool was very functional. Thanks for a lovely comment...!

Oh! It's a perfect grinder my dear. You are so very lucky that you are staying in a place near to all necessary need in puffin. When you will be home I wanna have it too. We could not find it here. I always love your post and thank you for sharing it with us.

· can also use it for your herbs.. a perfect tool in cooking too. Hey, I will surely send as I said your seeds and a grinder too.. I don't think that you'll have a problem once inspected by the customs since the grinder can also be used for other purposes...

Very beautiful devices


Thanks a lot!

thanks for sharing this one to us po. we are learning new from you always. i love that logo on top of the grinder's cover ,astig!!! hehe


Yeah, me too I like it! It is embossed on the cover or I supposed being cast and attached to the cover... At any rate what ever is the method, the MJ leaf is nicely placed oin the top. Hehehe.. thanks for dropping by...

Nice pic :D


Thank you!

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Thank you so much for sharing so much beautiful content that you can go to a beautiful stage in the future.


Many thanks... am tending to share my views here that might be of an idea to the other smokers... thanks.